Enough of the past. What of today?
~ Bannak to his two children Kebral and Jola.

Bannak is the leader of the Black Dragon organization and the father of both Kebral and Jola, but the whereabouts of his wife are unclear, leaving him a widower. He is a minor character in the TV series Mortal Kombat: Conquest.

He was portrayed by Dave Corey.


Bannak knew of the ancient, unnatural powers of the Black Dragon. Powers that lies within a large heavy, ancient medallion in the form of a black dragon, "gifts" that are deadly in the hands of someone who are unable to master them. As a result, no member of the Black Dragon has ever summoned them from their chamber. No member, except for the previous Black Dragon ruler, Bannak's father, grandfather of both Kebral and Jola an exceptional fighter in all arts. However, being one of the greatest was never enough for him. He wanted to be the best.

Bannak's father, summoned the powers of the Black Dragon and bestowed them upon himself. Days later, in the middle of a fight, the powers went out of control and he began to die, and Bannak had to watch as the powers killed him from within.

Bannak took over as ruler of the Black Dragon clan, and had two offsprings, Kebral and Jola. He vowed to keep those dangerous powers locked away forever, and protect his children from the evil trapped in the amulet.

Kebral and Jola grew into adults, both turning out to be strong fighters. As Kebral was the first-born child, he was the heir to the throne and would take over for his father. Bannak knew how deeply that troubled Jola who Bannak's second child, and how much tension it caused between the two. He struggled to keep them together as a unit, continually reminding them that they were the heart of the Black Dragon Clan and how vulnerable the clan would become if they came to trade blows. United they would stand, divided they would fall.

But Jola's desire to take the medallion led her to make a deal with Shang Tsung to obtain the cursed talisman. The sorcerer agreed to help her and in exchange she would kill Kung Lao. Jola finally took the amulet by killing Bannak and would later use its powers to kill Kebral and take the rule of the Black Dragon for herself.


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