Bansha is the Blade Master of the Ghost Warriors, and a major antagonist in Season 5: Possession of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. Bansha, like her allies Soul Archer, Ghoul Tar, and Wrayth, has supported Morro in releasing their master, The Preeminent.


She assisted Morro on his mission to release the Preeminent. In a battle with the ninja, she convinces Morro to kill the ninja, however Morro does not do it, as he only needs to slow them down. Bansha, like the other ghost generals, later realized Ronin is on the ninja's side, and paralyzed him. She later made sure the Preeminent is released, and after that, along with the other weapons masters, she was ready to crush anything in her way, including the ninja, by helping the Preeminent. She fell into the sea along with the other ghosts, the Preeminent, and Morro.



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