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Banshee is one of the immortal Children Of Oberon and a villain who appeared in the animated series, Gargoyles. While Molly is her human alter ego, Cromm-Cruach is her animal form.


The Hound of Ulster

Her human form Molly had a conversation with Rory Dugan until dusk falls. She has turned into Cromm Cruach, but she is only an illusion. In the swamplands where the Avalon World Tour is journeying, the voice hurting Goliath's ears was Banshee. In Cairn na Chullain, Molly inside the ancient gladiator's tomb transforms into Banshee. She refuses to meet Oberon at The Gathering, because she wants to stay in Ireland. Cu Chullain comes to face the rogue fairy as she turned into Cromm Cruach. Goliath and the World Tour attacked her while Cu Chullain threw a lightning bolt at her, knocking her unconscious. Somehow, she reverts into Banshee and is dragged by the Weird Sisters before the events of The Gathering.

The Gathering: Part One

The Banshee later returns in the Gathering once Oberon sent the Weird Sisters to find her hidden place. Once Odin was in line, he and the Banshee get into a brief fight. When Odin becomes a polar bear, Banshee becomes Cromm-Cruach. They later get frozen for a short while. Oberon placed a gag on her mouth. Since the gag was on her mouth, it would be possible if her gag was removed and her voice is back.

Powers / Abilities

Her most powerful as well a her favorite weapon is her voice, which can manipulate, mesmerize or even kill her foes.

  • Painful scream
  • Vocal blast
  • Vocal shield
  • Shape-shifting
  • Teleportation
  • Flight
  • Mesmerizing call

As Cromm-Cruach, she is very strong.


Banshee is considered to be a rogue who refuses to go to Avalon for The Gathering with Oberon, because she wants to stay in Ireland. She is gagged and punished by Oberon for not coming.



  • Banshee is obviously based (loosely) on the famous fairy/spirit of Irish Mythology (see Banshee)
  • Banshee is voiced by Sheena Easton in English.

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