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Baphalomech is a demon that appears in the episode "All in a Days Work" of the TV shows "Monsters".


Baphalomech was summoned by a witch on the behalf of a man called Steven - who was being plagued by one of Baphalomech's master's many demons. Using a mixture of pagan ritual and Christian exorcism rites, the witch ordered Baphalomech to appear - which he did in the form a bizarre lizard-like humanoid, when ordered to take a more suitable form he became a sleazy human male with sharp claws.

Baphalomech was reluctant to aid and continually tried to tempt the witch's young son into leaving the magic circle that protected them but was continually forced into service by threats and magic. Baphalomech revealed the true name and form of the demon that was terrorizing Steven and asked if he could leave - however he was denied until he helped them to trap the other demon in a magical prison.

However Baphalomech used more trickery to trick the witch's son into stepping out of the circle and in a panic she dropped the prison containing the other demon - which burst free and angrily began to attack her. Baphalomech mocked the group sadistically as they fought against the enraged demon only to be foiled when her son tossed molten wax on the canister to re-imprison the demon.

Baphalomech is then left stranded in the human world and tries to bargain with the witch to be her assistant, instead she decides to keep him as a servant and orders him to make dinner. However Baphalomech seems to get a final twist when he implies that he intends on poisoning the witch as punishment - though it is never revealed whether he succeeds or not.