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Baphomet, also called "Bamphomet", is a powerful demon servant of Marduk Kurios who will stop at nothing to achieve his master's goal, and a villain in the Marvel Comics universe.


He along with his master Marduk, planned on having Daimon Hellstrom investigate what he thought would be a satanic ritual. Once Daimon arrived he realized too late it was a trap set up by Marduk to have Baphomet kill him. Daimon attempted to flee with the thoughts they wouldn't follow him into the public. However they chased him regardless. As Daimon climbed the St. Louis arch he incinerated a few of the demons, which surprised Baphomet, who thought them immune to Hellstrom's power, as well. This caused Baphomet a moment of uncertainty, which allowed Hellstrom to get the drop on him, and blow out the arch beneath his feet. Baphomet fell to his death, or that of his physical form, which caused his spirit to be cast back to Hell.

Powers and Abilities

Like most if not all demons in Marvel Comics, Baphomet possessed superhuman strength and durability but it was never as strong on Earth as it is in Hell. Baphomet also possessed immununity to Hellfire and could shot fire from his hands.


  • He has clashed with Daimon Hellstrom.
  • A man named Jack Holyoak evokes Baphomet in a quest for power.
  • He is worshipped by some as an aspect of Satan, and has served under Satan. He is symbolized by the inverted star in the demonic/satanic pentagram.
  • He has commented on past conflicts with Daimon Hellstrom/Hellstorm, but no further information is known about those events.
    • On Daimon Hellstrom's birthday, February 2, Candlemas in the Satanic Calendar, The same day Baphomet and Marduk had planned their attack.
  • The Possessor III, an enemy of the Son of Satan, attempted to gain access to Hell via the portal under Fire Lake. The Son of Satan followed his trail and ran into Baphomet and his legions who were guarding the portal. After an initial conflict, the two joined forces against the Possessor, although they were unable to stop him from accessing the portal.
  • When the demon-sorceress Salom searched the pocket realm of the Forge Canal for the hiding Dr. Strange. She encountered an object known as the Enigma Box, which she probed to determine its worth. From the box came forth a giant stone form of Baphomet, which questioned Salom and delayed her quest. When her patience reached its end, she blew the stone form to pieces and went about her way. The pieces grabbed her and attempted to stop her, but she unleashed her powerful magic and vaporized them
  • Baphomet has wielded a long-sword on at least one occasion.