Bar-El was the first space astronaut from Krypton who got lost in space and drifted with his wife, Lilo-El, for decades. He is the living ancestor of Superman. When Superman returned from the Bizarro Invasion, he found that Bar-El and Lilo had taken Metropolis and placed crystaline structures all around Metropolis.

When they met Superman, their descendant, who was in awe of his ancestor. He said that they remembered his father, Jor-El, whom they described as a young and ineffectual dreamer. They went to the Fortress, where Bar-El told Kal-El that they re-did the Fortress to celebrate the life of Krypton, not the death, and they replaced the statue of Jor-El and Lara with a statue of themselves. They scolded Superman about Kandor and the trapped Phantom Zoners.

Bar-El turned to Kal-El and said that he betrayed his heritage, and began to beat on Superman. Lilo and Bar-El soon took Superman and smashed him into the Moon, cracking it in two. They soon took various landmarks and huge bridges, using them to patch up the moon.

Back on Earth, Lilo and Bar-El began loosing their abilities and sight, dying. Kal-El brought them to a chamber where they could both be in a thought screen. Bar-El gave his descendant his apologies and said that Krypton lived on through him.

Kal-El then said that there was one way for them to live. The ray would dematerialize their bodies into the Phantom Zone forever. Before doing as said, Superman said that he would find a way to bring them back, and transfered them. He was glad the Phantom Zone would finally have some order at last.


Lilo and her husband Bar-El were astronuats that were sent from Krypton, but lost for many years. They arrives in Metropolis after the Bizarro Invasion. She wanted to start New Krypton in Metropolis by removing the 'apes' (humans). Like almost all Kryptonians, Lilo was weak against Kryptonite, and was eventually so badly poisoned by it that she had to be sent to the Phantom Zone to survive.

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