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Barack Hussein Obama II is a semi-recurring antagonist in South Park. He is a parody of the real-life forty-fourth president of the United States of America.

He is voiced by Trey Parker.


In "About Last Night ...", Barack Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, Brad David, Timothy Neely, David Quincy, and Ike Broflovski had a secret conspiracy where they planned on having Obama win the election as part of a master plan to steal The Hope Diamond from The Smithsonian Institute. They only had an eight hour window of time to steal the diamond, while the entire country was distracted by Obama winning the election, so they needed to act fast. Obama ran into some trouble with the lasers guarding The Hope Crystal and got assistance from Michelle, who turned out to only be playing his wife. The two were not actually married. Despite this, he still flirted with her anyway. Obama succeeded in his plan to steal the Hope Diamond and faked his death, along with everyone else in the 2008 election by planting dummies of themselves in an airplane and having Ike blow it up. While the rest of the people involved with the heist (sans Ike) left to go live out the rest of their lives on an unspecified exotic island somewhere, Obama decided he'd give being president a try. He also asked out Michelle to be his girlfriend for real and she accepted. When the others asked how he'd explain the fact that he died in a plane explosion, Obama just said that he'd make up the lie that he never made the flight and then parted ways with his former crew and set off on his journey to rule America for the next few years or so.

In "Sexual Healing", Barack Obama denied inherent male nature having anything to do with his innate desire to flaunt his cash around to have sex with multiple women and blamed it on a "Wizard Alien". He, alongside other rich men, set off on a journey to kill this Wizard Alien, who was really just some random guy who they had tied up and stuffed in a costume, who they forced into the fray to be murdered against his will, so that Obama could tell all of America that he defeated male libido, when really, he did nothing. During this mission, one of the military servicemen spoke the truth about all men having the desire to have sex with women and that society should just accept that instead of trying to blame it on random problems like money and aliens. Obama didn't like his point of view, so he said the code phrase, "We've got a turd in the pool.", which summoned all of the other soldiers to capture him and take him away. Where he ended up going to is unknown but it's more likely than not that he's the same guy who they shoved into the Wizard Alien costume.

In "Funnybot", Barack Obama made a public announcement to America, warning them about Funnybot and his plan to attack The United States. He announced that as president, he will personally be handling the situation by going home with his family and watching Madea movies.

In "Obama Wins", Barack Obama made an arrangement with General Tso and Eric Cartman, telling them that if they rig the election to let him win the presidency in 2012, he will use his presidential power to overturn Star Wars to China and let their country have full control over the franchise canon. At the Red Lobster, Cartman told Tso and Obama that if he didn't get a role in the new Star Wars movie, he wouldn't give Obama the stolen votes, which would mean that Obama wouldn't give Star Wars to China, creating a conflict in their multi-party deal. At the same time, Kyle had figured out where Cartman hid the ballots and took the police there too. This place was a Hummer dealership. Everybody, including Obama got there just in time for them all to be busted by the police but before the police could arrest Obama, Morgan Freeman showed up and asked everybody what was more important, being that putting the right man in charge of the country or protecting the canon of Star Wars. Everybody agreed that a fictional movie franchise was more important than their political climate, so the police lied, saying that they didn't find anything and Stan lit the pile of stolen ballots on fire, omitting all evidence that Obama stole the election. From then on, Obama ruled the country yet again for another four years.

Following "'h, Jeez", Obama's presidency had ended and his role as the leader of the country was now being assumed by Mr. Garrison.



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