You know, of course, that to stand against mighty Baramos is to throw away your life . And yet still you came. That is a decision you will soon come to regret. But you shall not do so for long... For I shall rend you asunder and devour your innards before you realise you are dead!
~ Baramos to the Hero/Heroine
The Archfiend Baramos, is the villain who terrorizes the Overworld in Dragon Quest III, a world that bears a striking resemblance to Earth.


Not much is known about this monster but, according to the king of Aliahan, Baramos is not known to the world of men and yet he could destroy it if left alive. He can cast powerful magic spells as well as icy and fiery breaths. It is possible that this monster split into two when defeated, staying true to its last words about how he would be not defeated so easily and giving birth to the mighty Soul of Baramos and the powerful Skelgon-like monster known as the Bones of Baramos.

Other appearances

He's one of the legacy bosses in Dragon Quest IX, his map can be obtained by completing the quest

In Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, Baramos is a Rank S monster from the Demon family that can be synthesized with a Gemon and a Hargon.


  • This monster also appears in the Super Famicom, Game Boy Color and iOS/Android remakes, with unique fighting music.


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