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As of now, this world belongs to the Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo.
~ Barashitara invading Kaito's world.
It makes no difference if they're human or Kikainoid. What matters is us, the ruling class... and the rest of you are no more than scrap.
~ Barashitara to Kaito.
I can't beaten by the likes of them!
~ Barashitara's final words before his death

Mobile Commander Barashitara is the field commander of the Tojitendo Dynasty and a major antagonist in the 45th installment of the Super Sentai franchise, Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. He is in charge of invading worlds for the Tojitendo.

He is voiced by Kenji Nomura who previously voiced Desphias, Harbel, Debo Hyogakki, King Bibi and Beast Baron Cobolda.


After Ijirude was unable to figure out why part of Kikaitopia had fused with Earth but suggested invading it, Great King Boccowaus appointed Barashitara to lead the invasion. Commanding a force of Kudakk, Barashitara spearheaded an advanced attack on the parallel world. As Barashitara's forces terrorized the humans and Kikainoids, their invasion was met by Zenkaizer and ZenkaiJuran. Despite Barashitara initially overpowering them, the two were able to fight off Barashitara's Kudakks, leading him to summon a Kudaitest to take them on.

Barashitara later took the Ice World out into battle following the destruction of the Mushroom World. The Ice World easily overwhelmed the Zenkaigers with his freezing powers, though Barashitara also fell victim to it when he slipped on the ice the World created. When Barashitara returned to the Kikaitopia Palace, Ijirude mocked him for slipping on the ice created by the World and commented that his Tojiru Gears must be stronger. Barashitara rebuffed him and claimed that the only reason he slipped was because it wasn't tuned for his use. Later, after the Zenkaigers destroyed the Great Ice World, Barashitara commented that they had impressed him once again.

Barashitara would later send out Garbage World to invade the World of Zenkaiger. When he reported to Boccowaus about however, Boccowaus was furious as he did not want to rule over a world of trash. Gege then suggested that they could just have Ijirude invent a giant vacuum to suck up all the trash when the world was conquered, leading Barashitara to ponder what Ijirude was up to. After the Garbage World was destroyed, Barashitara was approached by his son, Stacey.

Barashitara would later approach Ijirude and ask why he gave the device to Stacey, to which Ijirude answered he wanted someone as close to a human as possible to wield it, as Zenkaizer was also a human.

Barashitara then arrived to assist Stacey in his battle against the Zenkaigers, revealing to the Zenkaigers that Stacey was his son. Barashitara attempted to recall which wife he had fathered Stacey with, but was unable to, leading Stacey to correct him and say he came from his 893rd wife. Barashitara then summoned Door World and had him use his power to teleport the Zenkaigers all to different places. When Stacey left to find Zenkaizer so he could face him again, Barashitara instructed Door World to accompany him. Returning to the Tojitendo Palace, Barashitara was asked by Gege if he cared about Stacey, but Barashitara claimed that he only wanted to see an amusing fight.

After Ijirude told Boccowaus he would address the emergence of Twokaizer, Boccowaus asked Barashitara how his next plan was proceeding, to which Barashitara answered it was already in motion, having sent the Kashiwa Mochi World to Earth.

Barashitara's next plan would involve sending down Noon World to create a forever noon on all sides of planet Earth and tire everyone out. He also informed Boccowaus that Twokaizer had yet to be dealt with, but Boccowaus was furious to hear from Barashitara that Twokaizer was still on the loose and pounded his fist with enough force to send Barashitara flying in the air. Gege then told him to calm down and noted that Ijirude was already working on a countermeasure to him. Boccowaus then inquired if the Zenkaigers and Twokaizer teaming up would be a problem, but Barashitara stated he found the Zenkaigers joining forces with Twokaizer to be unlikely. He was proven to be right when Zox Goldtsuiker refused to join the Zenkaigers after the defeat of Great Noon World, opting to instead operate on his own.

The next plan Barashitara conceived of involved sending the Onigokko World to "tag" people and make them "it", giving them oni masks and compelling them to go out and tag more people. After Onigokko World made significant progress on his plan, Barashitara summoned him back to Kikaitopia and reported to Boccowaus on how well Onigokko World's attack was going. However, Boccowaus was annoyed to see the World away from the field and ordered him to get back to tagging people.

Barashitara was asked by Boccowaus on what the status was on his next plan, to which Barashitara answered that it would be in motion shortly. Barashitara's next plan involved sending the Snail World to Earth so it could use its powers to trap everyone in slowdown. With its powers, the World managed to trap Juran, Magine and Zox Goldtsuiker in slowness. Barashitara would later approach the World to ask it why he hadn't finished off the three Zenkaigers, to which the World answered that it was because they weren't really a threat. Barashitara then told it not to laze off and ordered it to go finish them. After it was destroyed, Barashitara summoned a Kudaitest to absorb its Tojiru Gear and become the Great Snail World.

Barashitara's next scheme involved using the Recycle World to absorb humans and "recycle" them into Kudakks. After his initial outing with the Recycle World, Barashitara returned to the Tojitendo Palace to discuss his plan with Boccowaus. Boccowaus inquired into his plan to play the Zenkaigers and World Pirates against each other, to which Barashitara noted their differing motives and stated he believed he could get them to fight by creating a situation where the Zenkaigers' selfless motives conflicted with the World Pirates' more selfish ones. Gege then commended him for making use of intel Ijirude looked over, to which Barashitara noted Battle Caeser Robo having yet make any progress in defeating the Zenkaigers. Stacey attempted to step forward to confront his father, but Ijirude held him back and asked Barashitara about the leftover fake Tojiru Gears he had taken from his lab, to which Barashitara stated he had "recycled" them.


  • Barashitara is the second villain who is based on tank after Tankjoh from 2019 TV series called Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.
    • Coincidentally, Tankjoh's Power Rangers counterpart Boomtower is making his debut in the same year Zenkaiger aired, and Tankjoh was voiced by Jouji Nakata, who also voiced his leader Great King Boccowaus.


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