Rozen Maiden Barasuishou shoes ver 01-3-06
Barasuisho is another Rozen Maiden from the series who claims to be the 7th and final doll but really isn't. She is not seen at all in the manga.

Physical Appearence

Barasuisho has a regular doll-like body as is expected of all the Rozen Maidens. Her appearence is most likely based off of the real seventh Rozen Maiden. She has a rose-layered eyepatch on her left eye. Her other eye is yellow in color. She wears an ornately ruffled dress with a small, pale colored rose on it.


Barasuisho's personality is very hard to predict. She was initially emotionless, but when she lost her eyepatch in one episode of the anime it is revealed that it might have been the eyepatch that was holding her emotions back since she starts to cry.

World behind the Mirror

Barasuisho's world is just like Suigintou's except it is a bit less vulgar and also it seems to be snowing all the time.

Powers and Abilities

Barasuisho can control crystals which can be used as method of self-defense since they can only come upward from the ground.

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