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Barb is the secondary antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist in Sony Pictures Animation's 11th feature film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. She was the pet orangutan and assistant of Chester V. She hates being called "Monkey" as she prefers being called "Ape" instead.

She was voiced by Kristen Schaal.


She is a short, obese orange anthropomorphic orangutan with purple skin, long arms, short legs, and orange fur covering most of her body except her face, hands and feet, and she has shoulder-length orange hair which she keeps tied in a ponytail. Her outfit consists of an orange vest similar to the one her master Chester V, and the Thinkquanauts wear. When she becomes one of Flint's friends she removes the vest, this is done so a few moments after Sam says "If he really was your best friend, would he call you, monkey?".


Barb was helping Chester V since the latter was a young man. She later introduces Flint to the Live Corp in the competition of becoming a Thinkquanaut. After Flint loses, she comes to his doorstep into convincing him to come back. She also spies on the protagonists helping Chester to brainwash Flint but fails. She later kidnaps Flint's friends and Sam says "If he really was your best friend, would he call you... monkey?" which Barb starts to redeem herself. Then Chester says "Save me monkey!", which Barb shouts "I'M AN APE!" fully redeeming herself to help Flint to defeat Chester. After Chester's defeat, she later becomes Flint's assistant.


  • Maya Rudolph was considered for the role of Barb. However, she eventually voiced Smiler in the 2017 film The Emoji Movie, which is also a film from Sony Pictures Animation.
  • Her real age is unknown, but Kristen Schaal was 35 years old at the time she provided her voice for the character.

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