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Lawyer Barbara Cluzel (portrayed by Frédérique Bel) is a criminal in French television series Profilage.

She makes her debut in Season 3, Episode 8 (Le prix de la liberté). She is a well-known lawyer, who has worked for many law firms in Paris, London and Zurich, and has never lost a lawsuit. Now she is working as defending counsel for Philippe Morand, the man who killed Thomas Rocher’s wife in a car crash, and she threatens the inspector. She tries to take him the custody of his son, but she fails and Morand sacks her. Barbara plans revenge: she offers Rocher her help. Thanks to confidential information, Morand is sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Thomas and Barbara start an affair.

In Episode 12 (Insoupçonnable - Partie 2), a dark truth is discovered: Barbara Cluzel is actually Laetitia Gorces, the daughter of the Gorces, a very religious and strict couple murdered nineteen years ago. Christian and Valérie did not want their daughter to be in love with Sulian Frégé, a juvenile delinquent, but they did not think of Laetitia’s ruthless. The two lovers simulated a burglary: after a shuddering Sulian shot Christian, Laetitia killed her mother with no remorse. </p>

But Commissary Grégoire Lamarck arrested Frégé. While the boy was in prison, Laetitia changed her name and took a degree in law. After nineteen years, the two want their revenge, and Barbara’s plane is cruel. First, Sulian kills Laure Brévin, Lamarck’s lover, and writes a false email on her laptop, in which the dead says she wants Grégoire to reveal his wife their adulterine affair. Then, the couple pays two criminals to feign an attempted theft of the aforesaid laptop and to lie about who has ordered the stealing. Lamarck is formally accused.

When Rocher and Chloé Saint-Lauren are near the truth, Sulian’s van collides with their car: the criminologist goes into a coma. After Thomas told her he has killed Frégé, Barbara wants to murder him with his own gun. But Chloé has already come out of the coma and has discovered everything. The gun has no bullets and many policemen enter in the room: Barbara Cluzel is arrested.

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