You were treated as killed in action already, Junior. You are aware of it, right? Your failure in the first dungeon. And failure in capturing the conqueror, Sinbad. As one of the famed Dragul family, such disgrace is unforgivable. And above all else... about my wife, Serendine. Did you think I wouldn't notice how much you adore Serendine? Since your childhood, out of kindness, I've been turning a blind eye to you. However, this has to end. You crossed the line. That's my "woman". Know your place. Die like a man.
~ Barbarossa declaring Drakon to be dead to the family.
All of those members of an inferior race are getting in my way. Incompetent... Useless... Why do I have to be ragdolled by such trash? Inferior species are just that, an inferior race. Dirty blooded beings that must be eliminated! All of you! As soon as we get back to the country, preparations are to be made at once! I've had enough indulging these inferior race morons. As I originally planned, they'll be punished like the trash they are!! This is a bit earlier than it should be but execute the plan immediately! Get ready. I'm going to eliminate all you inferior race trash!!
~ Barbarossa declaring to rid the race of the Sindria Kingdom.

Barbarossa is the main antagonist of the prequel spinoff series, Magi: Adventure of Sinbad. He is a member of the Dragul Family, the general of the Parthevia Empire, one of the many King Vessels of Judar and the older brother of Drakon.

His initial goal was to marry Princess Serendine Dikumenowlz Du Parthevia so that he can take the throne and become Parthevia's emperor, but following her departure from the empire, along with his brother and her two maidens, Barbarbossa initiated a coup d'etat, ceasing the conflict of war with the Parthevia Empire. Barbarossa later retired from his military service and entered in politics, in which he formed the Independent National Party. From here on, he planned to make his party as the political party in power, so that he can develop a new political system, based on his ideologies of a superior race.

He is voiced by Takehito Koyasu in the Japanese dub of the anime, who has also voiced ReddaZeke Yeager, Zechs MerquiseSeifer AlmasyTakuma SaiouAokiji and Nobuyuki Sugou, while he is voiced by David Vincent in the English dub of the anime.


Barbarossa is depicted as a sophisticated man with short, green hair and wears an earring similar to his brother's, except he wears his on his right ear. He is usually depicted with shadowy eyes underneath his bangs and red pupils. He is normally seen in his armor that he wears during his military career, consisting of metal plated armory on his arms, legs and body and robes that sit on his right shoulder.

When he becomes the newly elected president of the Parthevia Empire, he wears an entirely different outfit. This outfit is mainly white, fitted with a white cape and golden accents and jewelry around.


Barbarossa initially presented himself as a cold and calculating man that cares very little for others. He does not care for his brother, Drakon, one bit, viewing him as a disgrace to their family name and went as far as to demote his rank and proclaim he was dead, due to his failures. He originally acted kind and protective to Serendine, but when it became clear that she refused to continue to the marriage with him after he had attempted to kill his brother, he did not hesitate to tell her his father passed away and forcefully proclaim that she will be his queen. Nonetheless, he holds respect of Judar, as Judar is his Magi and apologizes for disturbing him in his sleep.

As time passes on, Barbarossa meets with Sinbad and reveals more about himself. Barbarossa acted friendly towards him, as he admires and holds great respect over Sinbad's accomplishments. He even went as far as to cancel all important meetings he had and spent time with him, in order to prove to him that he was a man he could trust and develop a genuine friendship with each other.

However, during these interactions, Barbarossa reveals his ideologies, which conflicts with Sinbad's. Barbarossa believes that the Parthevian race are the superior race in the world and that he aims to cleanse the world by ridding the "inferior" beings through massacre. Barbarossa goes as far as to say that Sinbad only came this far because he is a Parthevian, making him a superior being.

When Sinbad (under the control of Serendine) declares war against the Parthevia Empire, Barbarossa did not hesitate and instead prepared to launch his assault on the people of the Sindria Kingdom. Barbarossa has shown that he can also be very perceptive and well prepared as he knew beforehand that Sinbad was under a mind control, but chose to start war regardless, as he believed those that can be easily manipulated by others are deemed inferior and such power could pose a threat to him.

However, at this point, Barbarossa slowly falls into despair when his forces begin to lose the war. He eventually becomes a broken man backed into a corner as he lost the trust of his people and is deemed a failure in their eyes, ultimately destroying everything he's built. As a result, he goes from a man filled with ambition to a man filled with rage and distress.

Powers and Abilities

Barbarossa activating the powers of his Metal Vessel.

Being a King Vessel under Judar, Barbarossa is a Dungeon Capturer, having cleared and captured two dungeons and taking possession of the Djinn in those same dungeons. Both of them reside in his Metal Vessel, which is that of a golden poleaxe. Him possessing more than one Djinn alone showcases how powerful and skilled Barbarossa truly is, while the Djinn themselves grant him incredible power that he makes effective use with.

  • Glasya-Labolas: Glasya-Labolas is the Djinn that represents Arrogance and Slaughter, which Barbarossa received in the 25th dungeon. Glasya grants Barbarossa the ability to manipulate metal at an atomic level.
    • Decomposition: By manipulating the matter of metals, Barbarossa can decompose metal into fog and control it as will. He can shape metal into various forms of liquid and solid, such as metal bullets that pierce through skin. He can also use this to break apart Metal Vessels, rendering them useless.
  • Gusion: Gusion is the Dijinn that Barbarossa received after clearing the 11th dungeon. Gusion grants him the ability to control and manipulate tectonic plates.
    • Extreme Magic: By unleashing his Extreme Magic Barbarossa can cause the tectonic plates to clash and shift with one another, causing them to create earthquakes. This magic requires a large amount of Magoi to use, however, so he rarely ever uses it, only when absolutely necessary.


Stop right there, little brother. Trying to flee with my bride... How ill-mannered you have become, little brother.
~ Barbarossa confronting his brother from rescuing Serendine.
No matter what you say, our marriage will not change. I will become the emperor and you will become my queen!
~ Barbarossa forcefully declaring himself as emperor to Serendine.
That's not true... We won the election thanks to all of our party members. We're a group of like-minded allies that came together to change our country with out own hands. A Parthevia Empire for the sake of the Parthevian people... That is our aim as the Independent National Party
~ Barbarossa stating the intentions of his party.
The few foolish human beings who led our country to decay... we call them "inferiors". Inferiors cause harm, merely by existing. They deceive others, are the root of depravity, and lead to the downfall of a country. We must eliminate them. It is necessary, in order to restore the world to its rightful state!! It's up to us superior humans to put things right in the world.
~ Barbarossa declaring his goals to Sinbad.





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