Barbarus Bikini

Barbarus Bikini is a recurring antagonist from the 2016 reboot of The Powerpuff Girls. She is a member of the Fashionista Gang. She is a big pink gorilla who thinks that she looks fashionable and pretty, despite being an enormous, smelly ape. She works as the sidekick to her sister and team leader Bianca Bikini.

She was voiced by Natalie Palamides.


In "Bye Bye Bellum", Barbarus was in Albatross prison, after presumably being previously arrested by The Powerpuff Girls. It was not until her sister Bianca Bikini, had escaped and shut off the power to the prison, that she was able to get herself out of jail. When they got out of jail, they kidnapped The Powerpuff Girls, so that they could get revenge on them for imprisoning them. The two suspended The Powerpuff Girls over a boiling pot of scolding hot tie dye, and played video games, while they waited for them to burn. Just then, The Mayor of Townsville busted in, and gave the two of them a beating. He thought he had won, and he released The Powerpuff Girls from their trap. However, all was not done, as Barbarus got back up on her feet and ran toward The Mayor to attack him. The Powerpuff Girls took the rest of the fight into their own hands and gave Barbarus the beating of a lifetime, knocking her out cold and sending her back to jail.

In "Fashion Forward", Bianca and Barbarus were released from prison and they claimed to have now turned to the good side. They started a fashion company, selling a new product called the Smooji, which was actually a brainwashing scarf, that would later turn all of it's wearers into their slaves, allowing for them to take over the town. Barbarus controlled all of her brainwashed civilians with her phone, which she wielded with a selfie stick called "The Selfie Scepter". Professor Utonium had previously told the girls not to buy into the fashion trend, as he didn't like the message The Fashionistas were giving out to little girls, so when Blossom ended up becoming one of their slaves, he was not happy. Professor Utonium urged Bubbles and Buttercup to stay in the car, while he took matters into his own hands and took down The Fashionistas by himself. He snatched Barbarus' selfie scepter from her, angering her, and causing her to chase him around town, ready to beat him up. While running for his life, Professor Utonium tripped over a rock and the phone crashed into the ground, which freed all the civilians of Townsville, and ultimately led to Barbarus and Bianca getting arrested once again.


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