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Me bomb's gonna blow you sky high!
~ Barbary during her boss fight.

Barbary is the minor antagonist from Dragalia Lost, being the main antagonist of the campaign A Splash of Adventure.


Barbary is a fiend that causes trouble for an island guarded by the dragon Erasmus in her search of a relic.

Eventually, with the help of the dragon Siren, the heroes manage to trap her in an alternate dimension in order to defeat her and put an end to her chaos.

After her defeat, Estelle punishes Barbary for her actions.


Barbary is a fiend whose upper body resembles a human woman with pale skin, a small white horn on her forehead, blue eyes, and pink hair in a pair of two large pigtails. Her lower body resembles an octopus, with black and red tentacles ending in spikes. She wears a red and black frilled jacket, with it covering the arms and chest but exposing the midriff. She also wears an eyepatch over her right eye.

Powers and Abilities

Her attacks include the use of tentacles and bombs.



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