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In the end… all roads lead back… To Darkness.
~ Barbatos

Barbatos is a major villain in the DC Comics universe and the Master of the Dark Knights. He serves as the main antagonist of the Dark Nights: Metal event and of the entire New 52 Batman series, manipulating all of the events associated with the mantling of Bruce Wayne with the metals of the Dark Multiverse.


Many eons ago, Barbatos was a dragon who once served another powerful being who forged new worlds into existence from the hopes and fears of those in the Multiverse. Barbatos was tasked with destroying any malformed worlds that were unstable and destined to decay. However, he eventually killed his master and allowed these malformed worlds to exist, giving birth to the Dark Multiverse.

Barbatos would find himself becoming a resident of the Dark Multiverse after he was repelled from returning to the central one. Despite this, the dark god had still gained many worshippers within the central Multiverse. With some trying to summon him on worlds he was barred from returning to. Many years later, when Batman shot Darkseid with a radion bullet at the end of Final Crisis, the New God retaliated by striking Bruce down with his Omega Beams, seemingly killing him. Earth's heroes mourned the loss of one of their finest, but in reality, Darkseid had not killed Batman.

He had used his powers to warp time around Bruce, infusing him with Omega energy and sending him back to the Stone Age without any memory of who he really was. During this time, Barbatos realized the similarities between his and Bruce's Bat emblems and believed he could use him as a doorway back into central Multiverse. Barbatos' followers manipulated events throughout history in order for Bruce to be injected with four out of the five metals needed to create the doorway, and after the fifth was injected in the present day, Barbatos was able to transport himself and the Dark Knights to Prime Earth with the intent of conquering it.

After his defeat, Barbatos was left chained down to the bottom of the Dark Multiverse by the Over-Monitor, forced to watch the Forge of Worlds burn bright once more.


Barbatos was extremely aggressive, cruel, despotic, deceitful, misanthropic and power-hungry, so he has no qualms enslaving, butchering and ultimately destroying entire dimensions and realities.

Despite his murderous impulses, Barbatos was sly, cunning, manipulative and willing to wait in order to succeed in his schemes. Barbatos despises all form of life and happiness, so he wishes above all to plunge the central DC Multiverse into darkness, eradicating all life from it. 

Perhaps his biggest flaw was that he only knew one thing: destruction. In his eyes, he believed that all worlds are doomed to fall into darkness. To him, leaving the dark at all, to explore outside it, was the ultimate mortal sin.

Powers and Abilities


  • Anti-Music: Barbatos' scream is the wail of billions of failed of worlds and the dark chord that shake the strings of the multiverse. His Anti-Music disrupt the multiverse and cause the laws of physics to fail like dominoes. Barbatos can use his Anti-Musics to sink worlds lower in the Dark Multiverse.
  • Universe Destruction: He has destroyed a countless number of unstable universes to return these failed worlds to the World Forge.
  • Reality Alteration: Barbatos altered Batman's origin to become responsible of the existence of Batman in every reality and can even create worlds.
  • Infection: Barbatos is able to infect others with the energy of the Dark Multiverse. These latter experiment the different nightmarish worlds of the Dark Multiverse through an endless nightmare.
  • Darkness Manipulation: Barbatos can manipulate darkness around that can enable him other abilities including intangibility and teleportation.
  • Dark Lightning: Barbatos can produce a dark form of lightning and use it against his enemies.
  • Telepathy: Barbatos is a able to manipulate and communicate with others using only the power of the mind.
  • Connection to Dark Metals: Barbatos is connected to the Heavy Metals of the Dark Multiverse and can influence those exposed to the dark metals. He can torment them and corrupt those submitted to his dark influence.
  • Size Alteration: Barbatos can alter his own and anything else's sizes in any way that he wants.
  • Corruption: Barbatos is able to influence and torment those who are exposed to the Heavy Metals of the Dark Multiverse and corrupt those submitted to his dark influence.
  • Life-Force Absorption: Barbatos can absorb the life-force out of any individual.


  • Vulnerability to Dark Metals: Though nearly invincible, Barbatos has the same weakness held by all denizens of the Dark Multiverse: a weakness to contact with the Heavy Metals of the Dark Multiverse. Of these, the Tenth Metal of the World Forge is the purest, and therefore the most effective.



  • Simon Hurt mistakenly believed he summoned Barbatos after the Hyper-Adapter appeared before him during a demonic ritual.


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