Barbette is a minor character on Tiny Toon Adventures. She is Elmyra Duff's toy doll and the main antagonist of the "Toon Physics" episode segment "Once Upon a Star". She is a parody of the popular Barbie doll.

She was voiced by Cree Summer.

Once Upon a Star

Barbette appears in the "Toon Physics" episode segment "Once Upon a Star" as the main antagonist. One night, Elmyra wishes her Barbette doll was real so that she could play with her. When her wish comes true, Barbette rudely wakes her up and demands she get her ready. A running gag in the episode is that she keeps getting Elmyra's name wrong, and interrupting her when she tries to correct her. When Elmyra brushes her teeth, Barbette demands her own toothbrush, as it is bad hygiene to share someone else's. When they get dressed, she demands designer clothes instead of doll clothes. When Elmyra compliments on how beautiful Barbette looks, Barbette insults Elmyra, telling her that she will get uglier as she grows up, whereas she, being a doll, will never age and will always remain beautiful. Later that night, Elmyra wants to take back her stinky-butt wish, and wishes Barbette was just like her other dolls. Her wish backfires and brings all her dolls to life, who demand various things from her.


  • When complaining about having to wear doll clothes, Barbette mentions Mattel, the company that makes Barbie dolls, and Fisher-Price, its subsidiary.


  • "Who butchered my hair?"
  • "That's disgusting, Elvira, I want my own toothbrush."
  • "You twit! Labels like Chanel, not Mattel! Fabrege, not Fisher-Price, fashions from Paris, not Sesame Street!"
  • "I suppose someday you'll grow out of this homely stage you're in now, and you'll probably end up like your grandmother with wrinkles and gobs of cellulite, whereas I will never age, I'll always be beautiful."


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