Barby Gimp is a minor villain in TimeSpliitters 2.


Early life

Barby Gimp was originally a fashion model. She decided to have razor claws implanted into her arms. The new design prevented her from continuing her career as a model.

Meeting Sadako

One day, Barby met Sadako who was an elite hacker. Sadako was impressed by her sharp claws. She decided to recruit Barby into her gang. She appointed Barby as the gang's assassin.

Theft of Prototype

Barby helped her peers to steal a prototype of a rig. They infiltrated the Tokyo government building where the prototype was held and swiped it.

Framing Ghost

Barby and the rest of the gang framed a man named Ghost for the theft. They planted false records in the government's computer archives which prompted the local authorities to search for Ghost.


Ghost located the gang's hideout and penetrated the location. He managed to acquire the prototype before killing the entire gang including Barby. Afterward, Ghost returned the prototype to the government and he was cleared of the charges.

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