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Bareed is a minor villain from Dragalia Lost and the main antagonist of Gauld's adventurer story. He is the current leader of the criminal organization known as the Burly Boys and one of the founding members.


Bareed is a Rokkan, a humanoid with horns. He has orange eyes, tan skin, light blonde hair, and a full beard. He wears a fur-adorned vest, dark pants, and several rings, one being on the middle finger and two on the ring finger.


He first appears talking with a minion he sent to spy on Gauld asking why is isn't with them. The minion explains that Gauld won't come and he should notify him about Gauld's decision. Bareed reprimands him, explaining that Gauld should be brought to him. He then orders the minion to be taken away for being so useless. Bareed afterwards says that this isn't a place for getting extra points for doing one doing their best.

Bareed then confronts Gauld in the bar, having overheard his talk with a waitress. Bareed then tries to get Gauld, the former leader, back into the life of crime. Gauld refused, saying he now lives for his family. Ticked, Bareed realizes that said family consists of Gauld's granddaughter Angie, who was adopted after her father Girard, one of the members, died. Gauld explains that blood has nothing to do with it, it's family that matters. What Gauld didn't expect was for Angie to overhear this.

This gives Bareed the opportunity to kidnap her after she ran off. This gave him the opportunity to blackmail Bareed into being his right hand man. Later that night, Gauld is visited by Hawk, who was planning to take down the Burly Boys. Gauld wanted the Burly Boys to be a group that could get a coin, but Girard sold them out to a rival organization, prompting Gauld to kill him.

After Hawk tells him to make it right if he makes a mistake, they set off to save Angie from Bareed. It was around this time that Bareed was revealed to be Angie's uncle and Girard's brother. Shortly after, Gauld comes to the rescue, having, alongside Hawk, defeated Bareed's cronies beforehand. Gauld also explains that people can change as they can desire. Angie breaks free from captivity and explains that the stuff her adoptive grandpa stole was stuff he gave him in the first place, saying that Bareed never gave him anything back in the first place and family involves its members supporting each other.

Bareed then reveals that there are explosives ready to go off. Bareed then gets away after the explosives are about to go off.


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