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~ Final Words before Milibar's death

Barigean Milibar is a cyclops-themed alienizer and is the main antagonist in episode 27 of 2004 TV series called Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.

He is voiced by Masaru Obayashi.


Milibar made his first appearance when he attacks a guard at the museum and then used one of his abilities to steal all of the treasure that are in the museum. Once that was done he then filled his suitcase with the loot that he stole until he was sneak attack by the arrival of Tetsu and the rest of the Dekarangers. Which leaves no choice, but to attack them if he wants to make his leave. Once he finished brings the team town for the count he was about to finish them off, but somehow it won't so instead he left them alive as he makes his leave with the loot that he stole.

A while later he was then seen as a holographic projection when the team were briefly informed about him. Before arriving to earth he escaped from the space prison and created a bunch of storms on 48 planets. He used the tornadoes to destroy buildings to which he used those violent manners to steal both gold and silver treasures to which many victims were fallen for this behavior.

A while later he then appeared disguised as a human as he was riding on a roller coaster however his former partner named Wandean Niwande spotted him straight away as Milibar begins the chase. During the past that was spoken by Niwande is that they were once chivalrous thieves as they robbed the criminals so they can give the loot that they stole to the orphans, but Milibar has the broken the rule when he murder a thief.

A while later he was then seen fighting the police alongside a couple of Anaroids to help him out. Once he's completely recovered he used his wind-based attacks on the police as it forced their Dekasuits to the limits de-transforming them and as he was about to finished them off his partner prevented it as he puts up a barrier around Milibar.

However he used his ability to broke free of the barrier and to enlarge himself prompting the police to bring out the Super Dekaranger Robo to battle him. After that he was then judged to be well guilty as he was then destroyed by this finisher called Gatling Punch.

Milibar is briefly resurrected in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger, but is killed for good by DekaRed, DekaGreen, DekaBlue, and AbareYellow.

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