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The Bark Creatures are the main antagonists of the X-Files episode, Detour, although they are not officially named they are often referred to as "Bark Creatures" outside the show due to their plant-like appearance, they are noted as a "monster of the week" and as such are not connected to the show's larger alien mythos but are rather a stand-alone threat that the Agents must face.

In the episode, there were two Bark Creatures.


The Bark Creatures were strange predatory humanoids that took to hunting down those who strayed too close to their territory in the forests of North Florida.

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Powers and Abilities

The Bark Creatures possess strange abilities such as glowing red eyes, stealth and strength as well as a carnivorous appetite that would suggest sharp teeth and possibly claws - a hunter species they can form packs to take down larger or more intelligent prey and Mulder even noted that unlike most animals the Bark Creatures seemed to favor stronger prey, attacking such prey even when weaker prey was available.

They were experts at hiding and as their nickname suggests they are covered in bark-like growths that allow them to further blend into the forests they call home - they also seem to possess knowledge of human language, at least that used by the Spanish during their invasion of the Americas (this also suggests a supernatural element to these creatures). If Mulder's theory about them being descendents of those who drank from the Fountain of Youth is correct they may possess even stranger abilities, up to and including prolonged life or even semi-immortality.

It is also possible that due to isolation the Bark Creatures are mutants born of many generations of inbreeding, much like the Peacock Family - with similar traits (high pain tolerance, feral senses and so forth).


  • No official origin is given for these mysterious monsters but Mulder theorized they could be mutated humans dating back to the Conquistadors, suggesting a group may of found the Fountain of Youth and become isolated and feral - although ridiculed for his outlandish theory there is some evidence he may be right as the "Ad Noctum" was a phrase often used by Conquistadors when torturing Native Americans.

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