Barnaby is the owner of Barnaby World, the biggest amusment park ever and the main antagonist of Impy's Wonderland. He is the tough, greedy, hot-headed owner of the park, and he would imprison Impy just for a little bit of money.


Barnaby was once a very rich man but since visitors did not come he got very poor. A few arab's came to own the park instead of him unless he finds a dinosaur. His reward to find a dinosaur was lots of money. But they gave him an extremly tuff park inspector called Miss Lee to help him and if he would not find a dinosaur in one week they would own the park. Meanwhile, Miss Lee would take care of him. Barnaby went to steal Impy from his family but Babu followed them and tried to rescue Impy.

Barnaby saw the two escaping and he send his bulldog Otto to kill Babu and imprison Impy. When the bulldog failed, he send Miss Lee to punish them. When Miss Lee failed, he told Impy that if he dose not come into the Barnaby's office he will kill Babu. When Impy came and asked for the panda Babu, Barnaby replied that he must go and imprison himself and then he will think twice. Impy was brave enough to say no and ran away with Impy, after Impy drank water and became invisible. The arabs came to see the dinosaur but the shadow scared them and they complained to Barnaby, making Barnaby cross. When Impy and his friends ridd on dolphins to the shore, Barnaby tried to take revenge and destroy all of them by knocking them down with the ship. Suddenly, the whale came and swollowed the ship. However, at the end, he found money inside the whale and got rich; however, he couldn't buy anything.

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