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Baron Ashura is a major antagonist of the anime Shin Mazinger Z: The Impact. Originally known as Tristan and Isolde, a pair of Mycenaen priests, their mummified bodies were fused together by Dr. Hell and Tsuabasa, eventually becoming one of Dr. Hell's lieutenants together with Count Brocken and Viscount Pygman. In the anime, even after becoming Dr. Hell's minion, Baron Ashura is still devoted to the Mycenae Empire, as they furiously attacked the Mazinger Z. Since it resembles Zeus, the Mycenae god that betrayed the empire to protect humanity. Throughout the series, Baron Ashura would go through internal conflict on to rather serve Dr. Hell or the Mycenae Empire.

They are voiced by Koya Ishitobi for its male voice and Kaori Yamagata for its female voice.


Baron Ashura is a humanoid monster with the left side of their body being feminine with pale white skin and the right side being a masculine with brown skin. They wear a robe with its left side being purple and the right side being black. There are also six yellow orbs on their robe around the neck area, possibly being a brooch for the robe.


Baron Ashura is very loyal to the Mycenae Empire, as they frequently cried out when the Mechanical Beasts, which are Mycenaen soldiers, were destroyed. After seeing Dr. Hell massacring the sleeping Mycenaens, Ashura even decided to assist Koji to defeat his former master to avenge them. Before discovering that, Ashura is also loyal to Dr. Hell for bringing them back to life, and has been shown multiple times that they are willing to die for him, even trying to kill themselves out of guilt for failing Dr. Hell too many times.

Ashura is also manipulative, frequently coming dangerously close in defeating Koji and even successfully capturing the Mazinger Z on one occasion, and making Koji and Tsubasa to believe that they had redeemed themselves so that they would defeat Dr. Hell for them. In order to succeed in their goal, Ashua isn't afraid to play dirty, as they are willing to use hostages. Ashura is also extremely ruthless, as they have no problem in having Mechanical Beasts burn down major cities in Japan.

Despite this, Ashura is very protective over the Mycenae Empire and everything related to it, as they freaked out for destroying the rouge Kedora, and is good friends with Archduke Gorgon. In the end, Ashura even give up their own live for the Mycenae Empire to return under the watch of Gorgon.



As Tristan and Isolde, they were a pair of Mycenaen priests who looked down on humans, seeing them as weak and pathetic creatures and even enjoyed watching them getting hopelessly killed by the Talos Giant. They were also friends with Archduke Gorgon, although they were unhappy about their commander, Zeus, refusing to harm humans and secretly plans to rebel against him. After unknown events causing them both to perish, Tristan and Isolde's bodies were made into mummies.

Baron Ashura was created, Dr. Hell and his assistant Tsuabasa fused the mummified bodies of the Mycenaen priests together. Upon being created, Ashura attacked Hell and Tsubasa before fainting. Hell then installed a device in Ashura so that they won't be able to attack Hell and Tsuabasa, and later to make them unable to kill themselves after Hell realized that Tristan and Isolde were tasked with summoning the Mycenaen gods to Earth. Ashura then became Dr. Hell's first lieutenant.

Later, when Hell started to take over the control of the Bardos Island, Ashura was tasked with ambushing Juzo Kabuto, thus blinding one of Juzo's eyes. Then, Ashura, together with Brocken and Pygman, would continue to serve Dr. Hell.

Shin Mazinger Z: The Impact

Ashura made their first appearance as they were sent to spy on Juzo. However, they saw the Mazinger Z, a robot that is built by Juzo, and since they noticed that it was similar to Zeus, the Mycenae god that betrayed the Mycenae Empire for humanity, they angrily attacked Mazinger Z and was interfered by Juzo and Inspector Ankokuji. Ashura then sent the Iron Mask armies to go after the duo while having the mechanical beasts Garada K7 and Doublas M2 to go after the Mazinger Z, which was piloted by Koji Kabuto, the grandson of Juzo. While the mechanical beasts were destroyed by Mazinger's Rust Hurricane and Breast Fire respectively, Juzo died from his injuries caused by the Iron Masks army. This caused Koji to furiously go after Ashura in rage, and even tried to crush them with Mazinger's fist. Despite this, Koji was ultimately stopped by Sayaka Yumi in her Aphrodite A. Ashura before retreating.

However, Ashura quickly returned and disguised as Ankokuji and their Iron Masks as police officers to look for the Hover Pilder, the cockpit aircraft of the Mazinger Z. They then questioned Koji and his younger brother, Shiro, about the Pilder's location. They later locked Koji up in a room while they looked for Shiro, who escaped. However, Shiro returned to free Koji, Ashura tried to attack Shiro, but Koji tore away their disguise. Ashura chased Shiro to the roof, but Tsuabasa electrocuted them, with Tsuabasa would have killed Ashura if not because of Koji trying to kill Ashura to avenge Juzo. Ashura then summoned the Nonakargo H2 which captured Sayaka and held it to capture the Mazinger Z as well. However, Tsuabasa had Yasu to reveal the Pilder and she tried to blow Ashura up with its missiles, only for Viscount Pygman to save Ashura and helped them escape while Mazinger defeated the Nonakargo and save Sayaka. Back to Bardos Island, Ashura was punished by Dr. Hell, with Pygman trying to cheer Ashura up after,

Later, Baron Ashura would sent multiple mechanical beasts to attack the Mazinger Z, but they were all destroyed. Dr. Hell to angrily punished Ashura for their failure, but Ashura later went out to fight the MAzinger Z without Dr. Hell's permission. Ashura sent the mechanical beast Toros D7 to attack Osaka, Ghostfire V9 to attack Tokyo and KingDan X10 to attack Nagoya while sending the Gamia Q series androids to assassinate Koji. While the Gamia Qs were all destroyed, Ashura had the Belgas V5 to capture the Mazinger Z, but it was reclaimed by Koji. The Toros D7 and Ghostfire V9 then attacked Mazinger Z, but Toros ended up accidentally impaling Ghostfire and were all destroyed by Mazinger Z. The Mazinger went under water to go after Belgas, destroying it, Ashura tried to ram the underwater fortress Saluud into the Mazinger Z to destroy it, but the robot was able to withstand its strength. Despite this, the Mazinger went back to land after having a heat energy fight with Glossam X2. On land, Ashura forced Koji to surrender the Mazinger Z by showing him that KingDan had captured Sayaka. Ashra then took both of them in the Saluud's prison, and Ashura even tried to pilot the Mazinger Z, but was unable to land the Pilder on the Mazinger.

However, to Ashura's lack of knowledge, Boss and his gang sneaked in the Pilder and helped Koji and Sayaka to escape, and Count Brocken, in order to make Dr. Hell favor Ashura less, bombed the Saluud. Asura sent the last Gamia Q to attack Koji after it was dispatched, and Ashura activated the Saluud's self-destruct system as a last resort while ejecting with an escape pod. Both Ashura and Brocken were punished by Dr. Hell for their failure.

Later, Baron Ashura headed to Germany to obtain the Danube Alpha 1 from Schtroheim Heinrich for Dr. Hell. However, Heinrich refused to hand over the robot, since it was unfinished and kicked Ashura out of his castle. Ashura then stormed the castle with his corps, activating the Danube and causing the castle to collapse. Ashura took the Danube away with a mechanical beast he borrowed from Brocken. Heinrich chased Ashura to the cockpit of the said mechanical beast, trying to stop them from taking away the unfinished robot. Henirich tried to attack Ashura with beams firing from his robotic eye, only for Ashura to reflect it and sending Heinrich off the mechanical beast, killing him. However, Heinrich revealed to his daughter Lorelai that she was the missing component of the Danube before dying, and Lorelai then fused with the Danube and angrily sliced Ashura's mechanical beast in half, heavily wounding them and forcing Ashura to retreat again.

After Dr. Hell sent the Kedora to destroy the Mazinger Z and it was defeated, Archduke Gorgon show up and took over the control of the Talos giants and eventually the Kedora, with Dr. Hell then sending Ashura to hunt down the rouge Kedora. After agreeing to a temporarily truce with the Photonic Power Laboratory, Ashura, together with Koji, Tsuabasa, and Kurogane Five, then entered a Mycenae pillar, traveling to the past of the Bardos Island. In there, they witnessed Zeus fighting against multiple Mycenae gods, who Ashura angrily called a traitor. Ashura even angrily rushed towards Zeus, only to be stopped by their temporary allies.

Asura soon also saw their past lives, the Mycenae priests Triston and Isolde. Feeling overwhelmed, they revealed themselves to them, disturbing them and Gorgon. Gorgon mistaken Ashura as a spy from Zeu,s and ordered to have them captured. Ashura tried to flee, only to be caught by Garadoubla, the hero of Mycenae Empire. Gorgon then tried to have Baron Ashura scarified to Zeus to trick him while putting the real Triston and Isolde in sleep in a cocoon so that when they reawaken the Mycenae Empire can return. After Zeus removed his armor, Hades attacked Zeus, and during the chaos, Koji saved Ashura so that he could later kill Ashura himself. Later, after Hades was defeated, Ashura opened the gate to return everyone back to their world and destroyed the rouge Kedora. During this, they also witnessed Dr. Hell and Kenzo exploring the Bardos island. Ashura then found out that Dr. Hell was the one who poured eroding liquid on Triston and Isolde, as well as slaughtering other sleeping Mycenaens. Angered by this, Ashura offered an alliance with Koji and Tsuabasa to avenge the Mycenaens.

Nevertheless, Ashura still returned to Dr. Hell, and when Dr. Hell is ready to start the final attack towards the Phontonic Power Laboratory, Ashura was given the Baron Ashura Mechanical Beast and the submarine fortress Bood. They piloted it and successfully defeated the Mazinger army and Venus A. Ashura offered Koji an one-on-one challenge, which was in fact a trap to keep the Mazinger busy so that Dr. Hell could obtain the Photonic Power without Mazinger getting in his way. Ashura tried to destroy the Atami town with an missile, but it was thrown back to the sky by the Boss Bobot. Boss then self-destructed the Bobot, thus heavily damaging the Baron Ashura Mechanical Beast. At the same time, Brocken's Flying Fortress Gool was shot down by Mazinger with the Big Bang Punch, causing it to crash at the Bood. However, Ashura survived and helped Koji to locate the Photonic Absorber of the Hell King Gordon, destroying it. However, during their escape, Ashura fell of the Pilder and seemingly fell to their death.

After Koji defeated Dr. Hell, the sky suddenly became red, as Ashura, now without Dr. Hell's influence, was finally able to carry out their true goal-to summon the Myceane gods back to Earth. Ashura taunted Koji and Tsuabasa, and under the watch of Archduke Gorgon, Ashura committed suicide as they spilt themselves in half, thus summoning the seven generals of the Mycenae Empire and Great General of Darkness back to Earth. Despite this, due to the lack of a sequel anime, it is unknown what happened after Baron Ashura's demise.

Super Robot Wars V

However, in Super Robot Wars V, Ashura's story continues after they killed themselves to summon the Mycenae gods, since they also summoned Hades. As a reward of bringing him to life, Hades resurrected Baron Ashura, even offering them a mechanical body, although Ashura, wanting to kill Koji with their body, rejected Hades' offer and then fought the heroes along with multiple Mycenae gods, Hades, and Garadoubla. They retreated after they were defeated by the heroes while commenting how they were no match for Hades, but as for Hades, since Mazinger Zero suddenly awakened, he was instantly destroyed, leaving the Great General of Darkness in pure shock.

Later, on the planet Feldina, when the heroes stopped by to fix their ships, Ashura, together with multiple forces, tracked them down and attacked them. Ashura was utilmately killed during a battle around the remains of Feldina.

However, as the heroes were trying to separate the three alternate Earths from merging with each other, they were attacked by the Great General of Darkness. Fatally wounded by the heroes, the General used his last breath to summon Hades back to life in the form of Emperor of Darkness, who brought back his subordinates, including Ashura, to life. They then dueled the heroes together with Black Noah. However, Ashura, together with the Mycenae gods and Black Noash's forces, were all killed for good in the resulting battle.




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