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Does the British government honestly think that Dirk Valentine can defeat me? Face the wrath of my steam-powered Batter-Berger! Muhahahah...!
~ Battenberg at the beginning of his first boss fight

Baron Battenberg is the main antagonist and boss character of the Nitrome game Dirk Valentine. He is a ruthless tyrant who utilizes steampunk technology, including the Fortress of Steam. He's the owner of a steam-powered Batten-Berger which he uses for battling his opponents. He also makes an appearance in Nitrome's factory skin as a toy about to be placed in a box.


Battenberg wears a soldier's outfit and a monocle and has a white mustache.


Battenberg is considered a tyrant. He is also arrogant, as he believed the British couldn't defeat him and possibly psychopathic, as he planned to kill Queen Victoria for no reason when Dirk located them.


Baron Battenberg arrived to Europe a long, long time ago and soon after this he started building a fortress that could float mid-air with help from his henchmen. After it was finished, he started terrorizing Europe, abducted Queen Victoria and created more guards. This caused the British send their greatest spy, explorer and commando Dirk Valentine after him.

When Dirk had gotten far into the fortress while infiltrating it, the Baron located him atop of his building and the two started dueling. Dirk managed to damage Battenberg's Batten-Berger during the battle, forcing him to retreat. This would not be their final duel, as Dirk later found Queen Victoria with Battenberg not too far off.

The two engaged in final duel, with Dirk now destroying the Batten-Berger and escaping with the Queen. The fortress was then destroyed by the British Navy. The Baron was believed to have died but "his body wasn't found", implying he may have survived.


  • The kind of helmet Baron is wearing is called Pickelhaube. This kind of helmet became a trademark of the Germans during the First World War, implying Battenberg is German.
  • While his motive for kidnapping the Queen is not revealed, it is possible that he decided to use her as a shield so his fortress would not be destroyed.
  • Battenberg may have caused the destruction in Steamlands since both games feature steampunk technology.


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