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Hellfire, That little green do-gooder!, Unleash my terrible Village Mashing automaton!
~ Baron Dante

Baron Dante is an evil dictator and the main antagonist of the Croc videogame franchise.




Dante first appears attempting to capture all of the Gobbos on their home island, which he succeeds in doing. Shortly afterward, he noticed he left someone behind. That someone was Croc. In an attempt to defeat him, Baron Dante transforms various animals and plants into monsters with his magic. After failing to do so seven times, Baron Dante finally faces Croc himself, only to be destroyed, which resulted in the freedom of the Gobbo King and peace throughout the Gobbo Island Chain.

However, this was not the last time Croc would see his mortal foe, for he would soon come back in crystallized form for round two. After collecting all of the puzzle pieces and clearing the last four levels, Croc would face his foe again, and defeat him once more.

But much to his chagrin, Baron Dante would return. A bunch of loyal Dantini followers of his perform a ritual to revive their fallen leader, and when they do, he begins a new reign of terror.



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