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Baron Darin Diamonacle is the main antagonist in Dangeresque 2: This Time It's Not Dangeresque 1, the hidden antagonist of Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Curly-Fried Caper, and a minor character in Dangerseque 3: The Criminal Projective.


Baron Darin Diamonacle has taken a missing VHS and saw Dangeresque enter his lair. He set up a heavy lourde to land on Dangeresque, and later revealed himself as the true thief of Dangeresque's curly fries instead of Szechuan Steve. Because of these, Baron was sent to Brainblow City Prison. He decided to give Dangeresque information about the man with the plan (Perducci) and his father. As a result, he redeemed himself helping Dangeresque taking out Uzi Bazooka and Craig. Dangeresque would berate Baron for using product placement, since Bubs is the owner of a concession stand.


  • Baron pronounces Dangeresque as "Danger-sque".
  • In his appearance on Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Curly-Fried Caper, he is played by Shark-Tooth Bubs, voiced by Mike Chapman instead of voiced by Bubs' original actor Matt Chapman.
  • His middle name is named after Telltale Games employee Mark Darin.


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