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Baron Draxum does not surrender.
~ Baron Draxum refusing to surrender to Leonardo.

Baron Draxum is one of the main characters of the 2018 animated series Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, appearing as the main antagonist of Season 1 and a protagonist in Season 2.

He is a mutant alchemist and warrior from the "Hidden City" beneath the streets of New York, as well as the self-proclaimed protector of mutantkind who seeks mutate all of humanity and either destroy or convince the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to join him. As of Season 2, he has become an ally of sorts.

He was voiced by John Cena (who also played himself during his time as a wrestler, Agent Jack Burns in Bumblebee, Jakob Toretto in F9 and Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad) in Season 1 and by Roger Craig Smith (who also played Ripslinger in Planes and Dio Brando in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) in Season 2.


Early life

Several years ago, he used mutagen in his first attempt on a man named Lou Jitsu and used his DNA to create the turtles. After the mutation, Jitsu burned his lab down and Draxum wrongly believed Jitsu and the turtles to be dead. At some point, he also developed a rivalry with Big Mama.

Mystic Mayhem

In the season premiere, he needed some improvements and had his minions search for it. His minions also had kidnapped Mayhem, Aprils' pet, for his experiments.

He later fights the turtles whom he considers his "beautiful" experiments. He defeats them with ease and offers them to join him to train them. However, in the turtles failed attempts to fight Draxum, they end up destroying the lab and a piece of debris falls on Draxum.

Bug Busters

Draxum is revealed to be alive and steals the oozequitoes back from Big Mama, who previously manipulated the turtles into capturing them for her. Raphael and Leonardo confront Draxum on the roof, who reveals that he created the turtles, but will not hesitate to destroy them if necessary. He holds Leonardo hostage and demands the oozequitoes from Raphael, but once Raphael hesitates, Draxum throws Leonardo off the roof.

With Raphael distracted with saving his brother, Draxum frees his oozequitoes before entering a portal back to the Hidden City. He talks to his two henchman and declares that the turtles must die.

The Evil League of Mutants

Draxum forms his own legion to destroy the turtles, consisting of Hypno-Potamus, Meat Sweats, Warren Stone, Todd, and Repo Mantis, as well as the Sando brothers, but they were all defeated by a with a technique that Lou Jitsu created. Stunned, Draxum questions how they ever knew how to fight like Lou Jitsu. He then reveals that Lou Jitsu's DNA is what created the turtles and once again extends the offer to train them.

However, Raphael ruins the moment by freaking out in a state of joy, causing the other turtles to do the same. Draxum then attempts to destroy them again, but is teleported by the Foot Lieutenant and the Foot Brute to a dark alley. The Foot Clan propose an alliance due to the turtles being a common enemy, before the three disappear into the darkness.

Shadow of Evil

Revealed earlier in the episode, the Foot Clan is attempting to find every piece of the so-called Dark Armor to resurrect its master: Shredder. Splinter and April go undercover and follow the Foot to a train station, where the two find a fragment and April flees. However, Draxum catches her in the act and retrieves the piece. Splinter tries to save April by attacking Draxum, but his back goes out, blowing his cover.

Splinter reveals to Draxum that he is in fact Lou Jitsu. The turtles and the Foot begin fighting and Raphael lands a painful punch on Draxum, causing the fragment in his hand to fall on nearby train tracks and get run over. The turtles then retreat on the back of a train. However, the broken fragment magically reassembles itself and the Foot Lieutenant adds it to the partially-rebuilt dark armor.

Insane in the Mama Train

The Foot Clan make a deal with Big Mama to transport the Dark Armor to their new underground shrine. Draxum is seen paying Big Mama for the transportation. April O' Neil and the turtles infiltrate the train and reach the front, where the armor is located. However, Draxum sees them and captures all five of them.


Draxum frees April, who tells Splinter that he has the final piece of the armor. Splinter and April infiltrate the shrine, but when Splinter goes to confront Draxum, he taunts Splinter over his sons' capture and threatens to torture the location out of them if Splinter refuses to give its location. Unbeknownst to Splinter, the turtles already escaped their cell, but it was too late; Splinter gives Draxum the final piece and Draxum adds it to the armor before Splinter can stop him.

Upon donning the armor, Draxum gains super strength and all of his previous powers become much stronger. The Foot Brute addresses him as Shredder, but Draxum rejects the title and exits the underground shrine. The Foot Lieutenant is confused, as the armor was actually meant to steal Draxum's lifeforce to revive the Shredder.

Draxum surfaces at a baseball stadium and states his intentions to destroy humanity. As the turtles fight him, April once again goes undercover and learns from the Foot Lieutenant that the armor must somehow be flawed. When April communicates this, Donnie remembers that they once played with it, accidentally breaking it and it magically reassembling but missing a small piece, leaving a hole that they plugged up with an action figure.

As the turtles keep fighting Draxum, he manages to capture all of them, but Leonardo manages to grab his sword. He forms a portal with it, sending a baseball to April which she then swings right into the action figure, destroying the helmet, dismantling the entire armor, and forcing a heavily weakened Draxum out of the armor. However, the armor reassembles itself as the Shredder comes to life.

Many Unhappy Returns

The Foot Lieutenant reveals that they were using Draxum all along as a vessel for the armor and that now it has consumed his life force, Shredder can destroy his body. However, Draxum manages to summon a vine from the ground and pull himself into a nearby portal.

Goyles, Goyles, Goyles

Draxum appears in a flashback while Munin and Hugin appeared to be abandoned.

Repairin' the Baron

Draxum is declared guilty for his actions by high-ranking youkai, who send two of his former henchmen to apprehend him. Meanwhile, Michelangelo attempts to patch things up with Draxum, considering him family due to him creating them. Michelangelo decides to take Draxum to Albearto Land, hoping it would make him friendlier with humans.

However, his former henchmen show up and try to apprehend him. Raphael and Michelangelo defend him from them, but the fighting causes damage in the theme park, leaving two humans trapped on a Ferris wheel. Draxum nobly climbs up to save them, but the car tips over and the three fall. Draxum manages to gain some of his power back and summons a tentacle, breaking their fall.

Needing to get back on his feet, he lands a job at a school cafeteria as a cranky chef and becomes an ally to the turtles.

Powers and Abilities

Baron Draxum is a skilled warrior and scientist having fought the turtles with his mutations and later creating the Oozequitoes for his attempts to create mutants.


  • Draxum is the second TMNT villain to initially serve as the primary villain of a series instead of Shredder; the first being Dragon Lord. However, Shredder has usurped this position as of the ending of Season 1.
  • Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Bumblebee, both of which John Cena starred in, came out in 2018.


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