Baron Ernst Konig

Baron Ernst Koing is a villain in the Hellboy series.


Baron Ernst Koing is a vampire that Professor Trevor Bruttenholm enountered but unlike the other Vampires who turn into bats he instead turns into a white owl. In the year 1946 Trevor and Varara were in a investigation on what was left of Project Vampir Sturm and later Koing appears before them He is angry with Hitler and the Nazis for betraying Vladimir Giurescu and his family, and plans revenge against humanity for the Nazis' crimes.In 1947, Baron Konig kept his promise in which he slaughtered a train car full of S.S. officers, which proves to be one in a larger list of Nazi killings. Instead of putting off their attack to the pre-arranged year in the future they opt to execute him for nearly exposing them to the world prematurely.

Powers and abilities

Being a vampire Koing has superhuman strength speed and Stamina as well as being an undead he had to have lived longer than normal humans.

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