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Baron Iron Mask was a dictator who was a member of the Crime Big Four and a major antagonist in J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai vs Gorenger.

Baron Iron Mask led the Iron Mask Battalion, a regiment comprised of his own specialized troopers. He wielded a heavy iron shield and battle spear, as well as a blowgun which he used to fire poison darts.

He was portrayed by Kenji Ushio, who is best known for playing Ambassador Hell in Kamen Rider.


He fought Kamen Rider V3 in Europe off-screen before heading to Japan to meet up with the other members of the Crime Big Four. However, him and his fellow Big Four members were soon confronted by both the Gorengers and J.A.K.Q.

Facing the J.A.K.Q. and Goranger teams, Iron Mask combines with the rest of the big four into the powerful “Big Four Robo”. Though very strong, it was destroyed by the combined special attacks of JAKQ's Big Bomber and Goranger's Goranger Hurricane Ball. With the Big Four Robo destroyed Iron Mask also died.


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