Baron Marackai

Baron Marackai

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Baron Marackai is the main antagonist of the Awfully Beastly Business book series.

An Awfully Beastly Business

Marackai is a sinister poacher with a face as twisted as a rotten apple core and he despises beasts. He'd much rather enjoy hunting dragons and trolls than protect them like his father, Professor Farraway does. Marackai killed Farraway to take the reserve for himself and spends the series trying to catch a specific beast with the aid of his bumbling henchmen, Blud and Bone. He even summons a horde of zombies to help him. Marackai does a lot of other terrible things, like kidnapping Dr. Fielding and trying to kill Ulf. At the end of the series, he is taken by each beast and vows he will return.

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