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I will not be remembered as the man who lost this city to those vile creatures!
~ Baron Praxis
Fool! Don't you get it? I's over, Jak! All the heroes died long ago. Only survival remains, by whatever means! This city is mine! These lives are mine! This war is mine! And in war, people die!
~ Baron Praxis to Jak and Daxter.
Remember, the first rule of making a bomb is to always make two.
~ Baron Praxis' last words.

Baron Praxis is a major antagonist in the Jak and Daxter video game series. He is an unjust ruler of Haven City and the central antagonist of Jak II and a mentioned character in Jak 3. He is a corrupt and tyrannical monarch who proclaims himself "Grand Protector of Haven City". But there is more, Praxis made a deal with the leader of the Metal Heads in order to sustain his control over the city and to scare the citizens with the Metal Heads to give people something else to worry about other than to try to overthrow the Baron.

He was voiced by Clancy Brown, who also played Byron Hadley in The Shawshank Redemption, Mr. Krabs in Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants, Dr. Neo Cortex and Uka Uka in the Crash Bandicoot videogame franchise, Lex Luthor in both Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League, Hades in the God of War videogame series, and Reverend J.D. Gospel in Little Evil.


Praxis started as a high-ranking official during the reign of Damas, who he eventually usurped the throne from and banished to the Wasteland. He discontinued the House of Mar as the ruling dynasty of Haven City with help from Count Veger. At some point, he led a failed assault on the Metal Head nest, losing a chunk of his face that was replaced by cybernetics. In addition to stripping many freedoms and liberties from his citizens, Praxis has enslaved Lurkers, former antagonists from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. The Metal Heads later attacked a section of the city that Praxis had to subsequently relinquish, which became known as "Dead Town." This compelled Praxis to strike a deal with the Metal Heads: he would regularly trade shipments of eco to the Metal Heads and in return, they would only attack the city enough to give the illusion of justification to Praxis's rule. This eco was procured from strip mining and propaganda-induced donations from his citizens. As an early effort, Praxis launched the Dark Warrior Program, which necessitated the abduction of civilians to inject dark eco into to transform them into elite warriors.

Jak is launched into the future where Praxis's men, under the command of Krimzon Guard commander Erol, take him in for experimentation. Two years later, we were shown the results of Praxis's experiment where nothing about Jak seems to have changed and he expresses frustration that Jak should at least be dead with the amount of dark eco injected in him.

He then orders Jak killed as he does not appear to be the perfect weapon needed to defeat the Metal Heads once and for all and supposedly ensure the safety of the city. Praxis then decided to "move forward with the final plan" as he called it. When Daxter helps Jak escape, they come across Kor, who informs them about the awful state of the city where everyone is a prisoner. Daxter tries to get water, but finds out Praxis turned off all the water to the slums. Jak spies on some guards ordered by Praxis to ship barrels of eco and realizes here that the barrels are for the Metal Heads, pondering why Praxis is supplying eco to the Metal Heads. It's also revealed that the Baron installed security devices in the sewers.

Later, Jak learns that the Baron wants to cut a deal with the leader of the metal heads. This is all for the metal heads to attack the city to satisfy the Baron's rule. This is a sign that Praxis is nowhere as well-intentioned as he claimed and cares more about leadership than actual protection of the city. Later, Jak and Daxter spy on Praxis and the Metal Head leader about one of the deals regarding eco. Specifically, the eco will be transported to the nest and the eco must be delivered on time or that the deal is off. Following the transmission, Praxis learns from one of his men how his daughter is not "agreeable". He then orders him to locate her.

Later on, Praxis rides a mech and confronts Jak and Daxter on the roof of the Haven City palace and tries to kill them both. When the duo get the upper hand, Praxis tells them that the dark powers he gave Jak can never protect him forever and that they will meet again. Later, Jak and Daxter visit Krew again where they learn that the Baron sent his goons to harass him per the usual. Later, the duo learn from Kor about one of Praxis's excavation intended to find a tomb and the operation needs to be disrupted. Later, they learn from Vin that the Baron set him up and he thinks everyone is out to kill him. It also seems that the Baron never intended to pipe the eco wells that Vin and company were forced to build into the city grid and that if these wells are open, more Metal Heads will be drawn and have to be closed off. He then gives them a set of plasmite bombs to carry this operation out.

Kor then informs Jak and Daxter that the Baron's schemes will only serve to make the city fall victim to the Metal Heads, like other cities and that Praxis must be replaced before it's too late. Kor also reveals that the Baron has plans to send a large tanker ship to the Drill Platform to collect a ill-gotten eco load and it must be knocked out and an underground team will be sent from The Shadow to pick the eco up later. Later the duo learn the Praxis is seeking the Tomb of War where the Precursor Stone filled with vast eco energies is located and could be used for great evil if it fell into the wrong hands. The Baron wants the stone as part of his "final plan, but these are forces he cannot understand. Jak and Daxter later learn that they've managed to upset the Baron and he responded by bringing in new Krimzon Guard "Hellcat" Cruisers raising the danger level for the Underground and five members were lost last week and all five Cruisers must be destroyed.

When the heroes try to procure the Precursor Stone, Baron Praxis intercepts them and tells them that they are no match for his guards and destroys the bridge between them and the stone. After claiming the stone and vows to use it to its full potential before flying away in order to prepare for the elimination of all who oppose him. It's also revealed that he threatened to kill his own daughter Ashelin for spying. Later on, Baron Praxis returns to his old tricks and has sent Krimzon Blast Bots to target the Underground's hideout and destroy it and everyone there and Jak must destroy the robots. Later the duo learn that the Baron is planning to destroy the Precursor Stone which will release the energy beyond comprehension. Unbeknownst to Praxis, doing so will destroy all things.

After Jak and Daxter win the Championship Race, they are again confronted by Baron Praxis and claims that good men are to be bought or broken and asks what it will be and Jak answers "Surprise." and they need a chat. Praxis calls him a fool and it's over, saying that "All the heroes died long ago! Only survival whatever means!" and the city, lives, people, and war are all his. He also says people die in war prior to ordering Jak to be killed, an action that fails. Ashelin then confronts the two believing he can kill the Metal Heads for good. Jak counters that if the Precursor Stone is cranked open, everyone will die. After realizing this, she reveals her father is meeting Krew at a hidden weapon factory near the dig. Krew reveals that he built a Piercer Bomb for Praxis to be used to crack open the stone in order to wipe out the Metal Head nest. After defeating Krew, he tells the two that he sold them and their allies out and the city is dead when they escape, it's revealed that the bomb is capable of blowing up an entire building the moment it kills Krew.

The moment Kor shows up near Praxis, several of his men, Jak, and Daxter, he reveals his true form as the Metal Head leader. Kor then reveals that without the shield wall disrupting his power in the city, he can now show his true potential and demands the Precursor Stone from Praxis. Praxis and his men charge at Kor only for him to retaliate by blowing them into a scaffolding. Mortally wounded, Praxis activates another Piercer Bomb, potentially putting the entire city in danger. However, Daxter manages to disarm the bomb.


Praxis is a strongly built middle-aged man with a brown beard with traces of white. Half of his face is mechanically replaced due to injuries he sustained during an attack on the Metal Head Nest. He wears a royal Krimzon Guard uniform and has a glowing green Eco sword.



  • Praxis shares his voice actor with Dr. Neo Cortex and Uka Uka, the main villains from Crash Bandicoot, Naughty Dog's previous franchise before Jak and Daxter.
  • Praxis's name actually originates from the word "practice", meaning that he always was only preparing and never did something actual.
  • Praxis in Old Greek (Praksis) literally means "crime", which holds with his personality and things he did during his leadership.
  • Praxis's name also has "axis" which could be a pun on the Axis Powers.
  • Praxis also has propaganda broadcasts throughout the city which uses recordings of his voice.
  • Although dead, Baron Praxis appeared in the non-canon model viewer explaining hilarious things like his need to be neglected on set for being a bad-guy, his anger toward the producers for not using a stunt double for his death scene and his love for the script, plus not being resurrected in Jak 3. He is also mentioned by Damas before Jak protects the Spargus Gate. In Haven City, sometimes Freedom League Guards say "I miss the old Baron".
  • Despite being a major antagonist throughout most of the game, Praxis unintentionally helped Jak save Haven City two times:
    • His Dark Eco experiment gave Jak his "Dark Jak" form, which helped Jak survive Kor's initial attack during the final battle at the Metal Head Nest and reforms.
    • By stealing the Precursor Stone from Mar's Tomb, Praxis prevented Kor from getting the Stone.

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