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This apocalypse forces us to take a long look at ourselves and admit we are not the people we thought we were. We're not good. We have terrible secrets, and those secrets turn us into monsters.
~ Baron Triumph on his transformation

Michael Burr (AKA Baron Triumph) is the main antagonist of the Netflix series Daybreak. He is the former principal of Glendale High School. After the apocalypse, he becomes a cannibalistic road warrior. He also becomes obsessed with getting revenge against the students who abused and took advantage of him.

He is portrayed by Matthew Broderick, who also portrayed RoboGadget in Inspector Gadget.


Burr was the principal of Glendale High School. On the surface he was a kind and caring, but underneath he was a corrupt and greedy. Prior to the apocalypse, he often took bribes and falsified student grades to receive funding for the school.

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