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" Hey Josh, f*ck you. "<br> - <small> Burr's last words before he suffocates

This apocalypse forces us to take a long look at ourselves and admit we are not the people we thought we were. We're not good. We have terrible secrets, and those secrets turn us into monsters.
~ Baron Triumph on his transformation

Michael Burr (AKA Baron Triumph) is the main antagonist of the Netflix series Daybreak. He is the former principal of Glendale High School. After the apocalypse, he becomes a cannibalistic road warrior. He also becomes obsessed with getting revenge against the students who abused and took advantage of him.

He is portrayed by Matthew Broderick, who also portrayed RoboGadget in Inspector Gadget.


Prior to the apocalypse, Burr had been the principal at Glendale High School for twenty-two years. During this time, he used to spread flowers around the campus; a metaphor for each student that he would help grow, much like the flower.

Burr took his position as principal seriously, and seemed to care deeply for all of his students. He was, however, quite corrupt, taking bribes from parents in return for funding for the school. Furthermore, he was willing to falsify grades in order to qualify for state funding; this eventually led to him pushing Ms. Crumble down the stairs when she refused to cooperate.


Terrorising Glendale

Unlike the other adults, Burr is unaffected during the apocalypse — due to the schools bomb shelter — but retains his humanity and his intelligence. Determined to evade the other ghoulies, Burr creates the alter-ego "Baron Triumph". He embraces his disdain for his former students, terrorising the town and hunting them for their flesh.

Under Triumph's identity, Burr is feared among everyone, including Turbo Pokaski and his tribes, who would not dare mess with him. His reign of terror is long, however he eventually realizes the errors of his ways and retires Triumph, returning back to his position as principal of Glendale High School.

Second explosion and Death

Burr believes the only way to begin anew is to purge Glendale of its sins. To do this, he sets off a second explosion, which temporarily deafens Wesley Fists and Turbo Pokaski, and kills some of the Cheermazons. He further builds a second nuclear bomb, which he forces Angelica Green to finish. He plans to explode this bomb — a similar one to the original — and decimate some of the population. He is, however, stopped by Josh and the Daybreakers, who engage in a lengthy fight. In a last ditch attempt, Burr tries to kill Sam, by Josh stabs him through the back with a machete laced with poison and peanut butter, which he is deathly allergic. Burr gains the upper hand once again, but the peanut butter causes a reaction which disables his body's 'immortality' and the poison thus takes affect. Burr tries to speak, but his throat swells and he collapses backwards and uses his dying words to say 'Hey Josh, Fuck you.'

Burr then sinks over and suffocates. His body was destroyed when his base exploded later on, preventing any reanimation.

The nuke, however, is already set and can only be defused manually. Ms. Crumble offers to remain behind and detonate the nuke when it has reached a safe altitude. This upsets Angelica, however Ms. Crumble does not die in the explosion, much to everyone's delight.


Josh Wheeler - Enemy, former student (Pre-Apocalypse); killer

Angelica Green - Enemy

Sam Dean - Enemy, former student (Pre-Apocalypse)

Wesley Fists - Enemy, former student (Pre-Apocalypse)

Ms. Crumble - Enemy, former colleague (Pre-Apocalypse)

Turbo Pokaski - Enemy, former student (Pre-Apocalypse)

Ms. Crumble - Crush, hookup, Enemy