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The Barracuda is the main antagonist of the 1997 cartoon adaptation of Rainbow Fish, despite having only one scene.


When Rainbow Fish was on his way to meet the Wise Octopus, the Barracuda came out of a cave and watched Rainbow Fish with the intent of eating him. Then it got out of the cave and attacked him. But Rainbow Fish dodged his attack and swam off. However, the Barracuda was relentless and would not give up. So it kept on chasing Rainbow Fish until he hid in the sunken ship. While the Barracuda was searching for Rainbow Fish, it saw its own reflection in Rainbow Fish's mirror and thought it was another barracuda that wanted to pick a fight. So it attacked the mirror only to break it and get itself stuck. Rainbow Fish then got out of his hiding spot and swam towards the Barracuda struggling to get itself unstuck. He then gives the Barracuda the raspberry, which makes it extremely mad and caused it roar angrily at Rainbow Fish, scaring him and making him swim away.


  • The Barracuda did not appear in any of the books.
  • The Barracuda either died from starvation or eventually slipped out and survived.
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