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Once, we six were rulers of the surface world, from Xia to the Southern Islands. Then we dared rebel against the Great Spirit and were condemned to an eternity down here. But if the mask Kalmah describes is indeed the legendary Mask of Life--it could make us all that we once were. We could be free of this Pit and conquer once more!
~ Pridak addressing the other Barraki.

The Barraki are the antagonistic group of the BIONICLE franchise who served as the main antagonists of the Mahri Nui arc and later served as the supporting characters in Destiny War. They are the group of warlords who controlled their army called the League of Six Kingdoms as they were intended on maintaining peace and order in the Matoran Universe in the past. However, lusted for power; they seek to overthrow the Great Spirit and to conquer the Matoran Universe for universal domination, only to be defeated by the alliance of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Order of Mata Nui and the Toa Mangai and were sentenced into the Pit.

They were also led by Pridak, who was an unofficial leader of both the Barraki and the League.

Following the Battle of Bara Magna and the death of Makuta Teridax, the remaining Barraki managed to migrate to Spherus Magna, where they were cured of their mutations.


In the early days of the history of the Matoran Universe, the Great Spirit created the Barraki to help him to control order of the universe. However, the Barraki turned into the power-hungry dictators as their order became more oppressive and they later formed the League of Six Kingdoms. They also conquered several places scattered all over the universe and relied on the Brotherhood of Makuta for war Rahi while claiming their rights as Mata Nui's chosen rulers. In the end, the Brotherhood agreed of their demands but kept a close look on their arrogance.

A few months later, the Barraki began to grew even more ambitious as they plotted to overthrow the Great Spirit and conquer the Matoran Universe by attacking the island of Metru Nui. However, one of the members; Takadox was serving as the spy for the Brotherhood as he leaked the Barraki's plan to them. Immediately, the Brotherhood have Makuta Teridax to form the alliance between their army, the Order of Mata Nui and the Toa Mangai. The Barraki and the League were eventually defeated and the warlords were imprisoned and were later brought to the trial. When the Barraki were about to be executed by Teridax's order, the figure called Botar appeared in the middle of the scene and spirited them away towards the prison called the Pit.

After eighty thousand years, when the Great Cataclysm struck Mata Nui, who have became the Great Spirit, the Pit began to collapse and the water flooded the prison area. However, the Barraki manage to escape from their cell along with the other prisoners while Takadox killed Hydraxon during the breakout. They then escaped into the ocean where they were unexpectedly mutated by the mutagen into the water-breathing creatures (with the only exception of Pridak who was mutated by Karzahni who then possessed him at the same time).

Despite that, the Barraki began to recover and planned to return to power as they took control of the sea Rahi and were also joined by Nocturn, the another prisoner of the Pit. When the city of Mahri Nui crashed onto the Pit, the Barraki decide to raid Mahri Nui and capture the Matoran one by one in order to prevent them from seeing them and live.

When Hydraxon were given the order to draft the remaining Barraki into the war against the Brotherhood by the Toa called Helryx, he approached the cell where Kalmah and Mantax were and offered them to help them in the Order of Mata Nui's battle. At first, Kalmah refused but he and Mantax eventually agreed and was given with their new army as they also recruited a few Pit prisoners which are; Drewdika, Tinnurron, Xyron, Zakron, and Zarnak. The two Barraki then led their newfound army to attack the Brotherhood fortresses. During the attack in the last fortress, Mantax discovered the record of the Brotherhood's plan for universal domination, which prompted him of sending Kalmah to approach the Dark Hunters to

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