Barreda is King Neo Descal's second-in-command and the secondary antagonist of the final third of Chousei Kantai Sazer-X.


Barreda accompanied King Neo Descal when he traveled to the past to take command of the Neo Descal Earth invasion. The two pledged their services to Aqual and Cyclead while secretly harboring ulterior motives.

Commenting that the Two Shoguns, were as useless as they had expected, Barreda and Neo Descal used them to distract Sazer-X from their actual objective: constructing a massivemachine on the moon called "Dark-Alumer" to conquer Earth for them, as opposed to just collecting the Cosmo Capsules.

Following the completion of Dark-Alumer, Barreda and Neo Descal were confronted aboard their flagship by Lio-Sazer. However, as that was going on, Dark Alumer was engaged in battle with the other members of Sazer-X in their mecha.

After Dark-Alumer was destroyed, Barreda stated that they were finished. However, Neo Descal remained unfazed and instead went forward with the next phase of his plan, merging with the monster's remains. Right before this, Neo Descal told Barreda that her usefulness was at its end before impaling her with his cane and killing her.


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