Barrel King

The Barrel King

You've done well to come all this way. But as you can see, I've contained all of your fans. All that is missing is you, and then the Legendary Brofist will be mine.
~ Barrel King

The Barrel King is the main antagonist of the 2015 app game PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist.

He is voiced by Felix Kjellberg, who also appears as the game's main protagonist (most commonly known as PewDiePie).


The Barrel King is the ruthless leader of an army of anthropomorphic barrels, who invade PewDiePie's home at the start of the game and go on a rampage, under orders from the Barrel King. PewDiePie soon learns that the Barrel King has captured all of his fans, in an attempt to acquire ultimate power from the Legendary Brofist and presumably use it to conquer the world. PewDiePie takes it upon himself to save his fans while the Barrel King sends his minions to either capture or kill him, and PewDiePie eventually ends up confronting the Barrel King in his hideout on the Moon. The Barrel King battles PewDiePie along with his remaining barrel minions, but PewDiePie emerges victorious and his fans are freed. They then use their combined strength to create the Legendary Brofist, allowing them to crush the Barrel King and smash him to pieces.

At the end of the credits, the Barrel King's minions are seen carrying the broken pieces of his body away, presumably in an attempt to rebuild him.


  • The Barrel King and his minions are the result of a long running in-joke in PewDiePie's videos involving barrels, where he often believed any barrel in a game was evil and seeking his destruction.
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