Dr. Dolittle: Hello Barry.
Barry: Hello lunch!
~ Dr. Dolittle and Barry in the trailer.

Barry is a major antagonist of the 2020 live action adventure film Dolittle. He is a ferocious Bengal tiger with gold-tipped fangs and originally had a past with Dr. Dolittle.

He was voiced by Ralph Fiennes, who also played Amon Goeth in Schinder's List, Rameses in The Prince of Egypt, Dennis "Spider" Cleg in Spider, Francis Dolarhyde in Red Dragon, Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter franchise, Victor Quartermaine in Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Hades in Clash of the Titans and Raiden the Moon King in Kubo and the Two Strings.



Years ago, on an island of pirates, Dr. Dolittle started therapy with Barry about his emotional issues and were beginning to make progress. However, before they made a breakthrough, Dolittle ran off with the island King Rassouli's daughter Lily and in that time, Barry went unhinged and began to despise Dolittle.


Barry would then meet Dolittle years later after the latter gets imprisoned for attempting to retrieve his late wife's journal; however at the same time, the tiger was already insane as he was not able to control his aggression and said aggression became more severe. The signs of his mental illness came to light again as he began to talk about his mother and repeat her sentence that she was disappointed in him and why Barry couldn't be the same as his brother. Then suddenly, he turns over and begins to cry as he feels sorry for himself while being gentle and calm. Suddenly, everything disappears as it was revealed that Barry was faking and once again attacks Dolittle, who attempts to retreat. The vet temporarily distracts the tiger with light, but Barry quickly finds out and is furious before trying to bite Dolittle.

Polynesia, a parrot accompanying Dolittle, arrives to help him, but she is unfortunately attacked by Barry, who breaks her wing. However, Chee-Chee the gorilla enters the fight and easily defeats Barry after he eventually overcomes his fear of tigers. Chee-Chee does not kill Barry, but only suffocates him into unconsciousness so that the tiger cannot get up. Lying on the ground, Barry whispers to his mother if she is proud of him before passing out. It's unknown what happened to Barry afterwards, but it is likely that he woke up only to find that Dolittle was already gone, much to his anger.


Barry is a large Bengal tiger with a scruffy hide, flared up side fur and gold-tipped fangs.


At the time Dr. Dolittle started his therapy, Barry was already aggressive and belligerent but lessen his hostility as progress is made. However, following the former's escape with Lily, the tiger's hostility increased to the point that Barry became resentful, unstable, and vicious.


I will never be good enough. Unless I eat you! Because every mother wants their son to grow up and eat a doctor.
~ Barry to Dr. Dolittle.
Tell me that I'm enough, Mommy?
~ Barry's last words before passing out after being suffocated into unconsciousness by Chee-Chee during their fight.





  • Barry was originally to be in a relationship with a lioness named Regine (voiced by Carmen Ejogo). However, Ejogo's character was scrapped as soon as reshoots of the final movie began.
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