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Rasputin (Barry)

Barry as a member of Morningstar

I am pleased with your work, but there is more to do...
~ Barry about Mr. Dickson to the Protagonist

Barry (also called "Rasputin") who claims he is highly-placed in the Morningstar gang. He lies about wanting to embarass the leadership of the gang, while intending to eliminate the Protaganist instead. Before being revealed as a traitor, he has the Protaganist to kill a number of Morningstar members. A citizen in Steelport warns the Saints gang leader himself and helps him get revenge against Barry by locating him so he can be killed by the Protagonist.

The Protagonist discovers Barry is on the run and plans to escape Steelport via Helicopter. As instructed by the citizen, the Protagonist hijacks the Helicopter and picks Barry up, but to the gangster's surprise, the Protagonist was the pilot and was killed by him.

Number of People he had the protagonist to Kill.




Call me Rasputin. I'm highly-placed in the Morningstar, but have my reasons for wanting to embarass the current leadership. Jake's a cement truck driver who helps bury the bodies. You'll find him driving around Salamander. Eliminate him, and I'll trust you with something bigger.


Brutus the Brute


The Syndicate has produced a...sensitive Brute. This defect must be removed. If you look friendly and approach with no weapons, you can get close while he is sniffing flowers in the park downtown. I'll be in touch.

Mr. Dickson.

Mr. Dickson

Mr. Dickson

I am pleased with your work, but there is more to do. Mr. Dickson is a prominent figure in the organization. He is an arrogant man who refused to rid in anything but a limo. You will wait for him in a limo near his office at Loren Square. See to that Mr. Dickson retires early.




My faith in you is well placed. The time has come for you to claim your reward. The Morningstar are moving a large amount of cash. Find Grigor, their courier, near the Camano Place Wharf. Take from him what is rightfully yours.

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