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Barry is a minor antagonist from The Penguins of Madagascar.


Barry is an adorable Poison Dart Frog - however his poisonous touch can cause total paralysis. He is first seen in the episode Untouchable, where he is a transfer from the Hoboken Zoo, and he uses his poisonous touch to terrify other animals, and boss them around into doing whatever he wants. All he had to do is lift one finger as a threat. He said that he was not the "hugging type", but a hug was all he ever wanted (though never got due to his poison). He became nicer and redeemed after Private shows him affection through a hug, while wearing a suit of armour to protect himself from Barry's poison.

He appears in The Big Squeeze, but has no speaking role. Ironically if he had got out, he could have stopped Savio cold in his tracks. He makes another appearance in Byte Sized, where he tries to catch a fly but gets his tongue stuck in a functioning cotton candy machine. He is luckily rescued by the penguins.


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