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Barry Kellogg was a lawyer, and a Zegevolk, unlike the majority of his kind, with the help of a rare type of toad, he was able to produce Pheromones so powerful they literally brainwashed others. He used these powers to overturn cases for his clients.


Don Nadaria, an abusive husband and a Lowen, killed his wife in a fit of rage, over her not wearing the dress he liked, he called Barry who used his Pheromone powers to over turn the murder case. Rosalee, who was on the jury became suspicious, so she brought Monroe with her. Noticing something odd was going on, Monroe followed Barry and saw him eating a toad, confirming he was a Zekevolk.

As such they brought Nick and Hank in, as there was no way to prove he was doing this, and he was going to cause a murder to get away. They started researching, and found a way to strip a Zekevolk of its powers. But for it to work it required the sweat of the Zekevolk in question.

To get hold of it they formulated a plan. That night while Barry, was following his kinds traditions of being a ladies man, and picking up a girl, using his pheromones to force her to want him. Monroe, in full Wesen form attacked, Barry being a coward ran, as a Zekevolk he was able to out run Monroe. He ran into Bud (another Wesen, and also Nick's friend) who pretended to save him, from the Blutbad, thus attaining his sweat.

Now requiring to infect the toad with the potion, Nick and Hank distracted Barry, on the pretense of questioning him about the attack, while Monroe administer the potion into the toad. Barry ate it, and in court that day, he discovered his Pheromone powers were gone. Don was found guilty of murder and sentenced to imprisonment.

Shocked, Barry went to Rosalee's shop looking for help, and there spotted Rosalee, recognizing her from the jury, Barry put two and two together, and realized she was responsible for him losing his powers, and in a fit of rage attacked her. Monroe who was also there quickly overpowered Barry, and threw him into a wall, Nick arrested him for assault. Recognizing them, Barry began to realize he had been tricked as he was taken to the cells.

Once there he demanded to see his lawyer, however his former client, who was in the cell next to his, told him not to bother as Lawyers were useless in here, before changing into his lion form, leaving Barry to the lowen's vengeance.

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