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You didn't change a thing, did you?
~ Norris' last words before Mike kills him

Barry Norris is one of the two main antagonists in the 2016 film The Belko Experiment. He was the COO of a non-profit company named Belko Industries. He wass one of the victims who was trapped in the building, due to the voice's experiment and would do anything to survive.

He is portrayed by Tony Goldwyn, who also portrayed Michael Drucker in The 6th Day, the Gentleman Caller in Kiss the Girls, Carl Bruner in Ghost, and Colonel Bagley in The Last Samurai.


Prior to the events of the film, Barry was once joined the military. He also got married and had children. Later on, Barry is hired as the COO of the Belko office in Columbia. A year later, everyone including Barry reports to work as they would on a regular day, but they have tracking devices implanted in the back of their skull in the event of kidnapping (at least, that's what they were told). Suddenly, the office goes dark as everyone is locked inside the office. They are instructed to kill two of their co-workers or 4 people will be killed randomly. They initially dismiss the announcement as a prank, but when people's heads get blown off, they realize that it's for real and which then the voice returns to announce that if thirty people are not killed within two hours, sixty people will die. The employees split into two groups, led by Mike (the protagonist) and Barry.

Barry intends to follow the Voice’s instructions to start killing people in order to prevent more deaths, and along with his right-hand man Wendell Dukes, they randomly select thirty people to die. Unfortunately, only 29 people were killed, so the Voice then kills 31 more people. After the Voice announces that the person who kills the most people in an hour gets to walk out alive, Barry starts killing people randomly. By the end, he, Mike and the latter's girlfriend, Leandra, are the only ones left.

After Leandra dies via a gunshot wound from Barry, Mike is enraged and finally kills Barry, his only victim during the experiment, by bashing his head in with a tape dispenser, ending his rampage. This makes Mike the sole survivor of The Belko Experiment.


  • Barry was in the military, which would explain how he is good with guns.
  • Even though The Voice is the real villain, Barry served as The Heavy because he was the prominent threat to everyone's survival.