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I'm Barry!
~ Barry Robinson
My name is Barry.
~ Evil Barry, Barry Robinson's alter ego.

Barry Robinson is a fat kid who is one of Steve Smith's best friends in the TV series, American Dad!.

He was voiced by Eddie Kaye Thomas when is good and Craig Ferguson for his evil side.


Barry is generally a good friend of Steve, however he takes vitamins that retard his brain to prevent him from being evil. While drugged Barry is mentally retarded, immature, and constantly makes childish remarks. If he doesn't take these vitamins he becomes evil, and speaks with a voice that sounds a lot like Gary Oldman. When he is not drugged, he is knowledgeable, can easily manipulate people, and is very good at planning out his crimes, so he doesn't get in trouble. It is very likely that his insane personality comes from his un-attentive parents, as several times he has revealed that his parents don't care about him, and has also hinted several other bad things about his parents as well.

Evil Barry is seen in the episodes "With Friends Like Steve's" and "Stan & Francine & Connie & Ted". In "With Friends Like Steve's", after an extended stay at the Smith's house, Barry starts to hang out with Stan and Stan eventually takes him off his vitamins. As a result, he becomes evil and tries to manipulate Stan and Francine into thinking Steve is a bad kid. He does so by stealing Stan's beloved Tara Reid commemorative plate, makes Steve touch it, breaks them while wearing gloves, and with the essence of Steve's fingerprints Steve is framed and sent to a juvenile detention island. While Steve is away Barry goes insane and tries to kill Stan, but Steve returns from the island with one of Barry's pills and retards him again.


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