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What's wrong with me? You know what it's like to cut off your own hand... Watching. Tendons snap. Barrow of the bone. Pain, horrible excursioning agony. And the blood, wow. Watching it... Pup out of your body. Pour across the floor. Wondering when will be you'll lose consciousnesses. And if you'll ever, wake up again. But... I knew I had to do something, You know. Otherwise, I end up dead. Dead like them.
~ Bart to Ellis.

Bart is the main antagonist of the 2005 film House of the Dead 2. He was a member of the special forces to help the AMS agents to retrieve a blood sample from the originally infected Patient Zero at the Cuesta Verde University.

He was portrayed by James Parks.



After Dr. Curien's experiments to immortality backfired, causing one of his subjects to breakout and spread through the campus, two AMS agents and special forces are called to go to the university to find out what caused the outbreak.


After they proceed to fight through the hordes of zombies, splitting into two teams. Bart along with Lieutenant Alison Henson and Private Maria Rodriguez, investigate the dorms, heading to the female dormitory where they found a deceased naked female body. As Bart attempts to pose with the corpse, he is bitten by an infected mosquito that killed the students who trapped themselves in the dorm. Alison and Maria start to fear contamination but willing to execute Bart, who is threatening them and trying to make a deal with them by getting the simple to and sell it to Goldman and get $500,000. Maria agrees Bart's deal gives the serum to Goldman Pharmaceuticals, but knocks and handcuffs him to a radiator and leaves the dorm, falling back to the van.

Stealing the Vial

After Ellis gets back to the van, he sees the driver shot dead by Bart, who broke free from the dormitory by amputating his hand. Bart is driven insane and threats Ellis to give him the vial, he is shot in the back by Alex, who survives from the missile. While Ellis is happy to see Alex alive, Bart pulls the pin on a hand grenade, rolls it under the van, destroying it along with the vial as his last dying action.


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