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Bart Dawson is a minor character in the Chick Tract entitled "Gun Slinger".

Gun Slinger

This Chick tract was set in the Old West. Dawson was the owner of a local saloon. His business thrived, that is until a preacher came to town three days ago, and began preaching to his customers and converting them to Christianity. Enraged at where his business was going, he hired the notorious assassin Terrible Tom to assassinate the Preacher. Terrible Tom accepted the mission and set out to go to his church that Sunday.

Unfortunately for Dawson, Terrible Tom did not try to kill the Preacher. In fact, he changed his ways due to the Preacher's influence. Terrible Tom is then arrested and sentenced to hang the next day. He died, and went to Heaven.

It is unknown what happened to Bart Dawson after his attempt to have the Preacher killed so that his business would thrive. He may have ended up losing his saloon, and his money, or, since he lives in this kind of world, he may as well end up going to Hell because of his attempt to stifle God's voice.


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