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Bart Darlton

Bart L. Darlton the adoptive son of Andreas Darlton and Member of the Glaston Knights

Bart L. Darlton is one of the members of the Glaston Knights under the command of his adoptive father: Andreas Darlton. 


Bart and the others make their first appearence in Episode 21 of the first season, when they just arrived at Area 11 from the mainland. He also contributes in defeating the Black Knights at the end of the first season.

He first appears in the second season where Zero makes his return along with the other Glaston Knight members. His last appearence is when Gilbert G.P. Guilford the Knight of Second Princess Cornelia li Britannia announces that he will execute the Black Knights. During the execution, Zero arrives and is challenged by a duel by Guilford. However, Zero cheats by getting the floor to calapse underneath Guilford and his subordinates. Bart is enraged by this and attacks Zero, but no avail since Zero protects himself with the Police's shield. Too focused on attacking Zero, Bart doesn't notice that the G-1 Mobile Base was falling down and going his way, realizing it was too later Bart and his Gloucester was crushed which killed Bart.


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