Bart and Eddie are the secondary antagonists of The Reef and the reformed supporting protagonists of its sequel. They were the henchmen of Troy, the shark who constantly abuses them. Bart is a smart sophisticated barracuda while Eddie is a dimwitted wolf eel.

They are both voiced by Rob Schneider (who also voiced Nerissa the sea turtle along with other characters) who also portrayed Woodrow Tyler in The Beverly Hillbillies, Volpe in The Adventures of Pinnochio, and Lou Strickland in Top Cat: The Movie.


The Reef

Bart & Eddie cheering for Troy

Bart (left) & Eddie (right) cheering for Troy

They accompany Troy the Shark who constantly abuses them. They constantly beat up Pi at Troy's command. Bart also argues about Eddie not being evil or threatening. Later, Troy orders them to steal Nerissa's blue pearl so he'd have a pearl to propose to the unwilling Cordelia. Bart & Eddie were reluctant due to their suspicions of the turtle, until Troy threatened them. However, Bart & Eddie fail to steal Nerissa's pearl due to Pi scaring them off. So instead, they snatch gypsy fish Pearl's pink pearl. Pi, Cordelia and Dylan defeat Bart & Eddie by placing them in the grumpy lobster's hole (which they had forced Dylan into earlier). When Troy is defeated, Bart & Eddie reform, having had enough of his abuse.

The Reef 2: High Tide

By the sequel, Bart and Eddie are no longer antagonists now help Pi defeat Troy and his sharks once more. Bart & Eddie capture Ronny when he's exposed as a shark and bring him to Pi. But Ronny remorsefully tells that Troy was forcing him and that he'll help Pi get Cordelia back from Troy. Pi, Nerissa, Bart and Eddie decide to give the remorseful dwarf shark a second chance. Throughout the sequel Eddie is constantly is trying to get Bart's approval to which Bart eventually does "Good Job Eddie. You are the best." They help build a shark trap that sends Troy flying back to the humans. They then dance at the end.

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