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You have orders? I command here!
~ Bartholomew Girdwood

Bartholomew Girdwood was an antagonist in the Sharpe series of novels by Bernard Cornwell and the television adaptation.

He was portrayed by Mark Lambert.

A fastidious man, he fancied himself another Frederick the Great of Prussia, and had a heavily styled mustache like Frederick had. Having more political connections than actual skill or courage, Girdwood was commissioned as an officer in the British army. Girdwood's connections - namely Henry Simmerson kept him from suffering the consequences of actions which would have ended the careers of other men.

Due to Simmerson's efforts Girdwood was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and placed in command of training for the South Essex. When Major Richard Sharpe and his Sgt Major Harper infiltrated Girdwood's unit they discovered that Girdwood and Simmerson were engaged in the practice of crimping - recruiting of men for one military unit while selling them off to other units for a profit. Sharpe placed Girdwood under arrest but Girdwood managed to escape.

Girdwood's first taste of actual combat came at an engagement at the Pyrenees. The stresses of combat caused a complete mental breakdown, and Girdwood was shipped back to England.

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