General Bartley Asprius is a large and balding officer who commands the Code R Research Team under Prince Clovis.


He first appears to inform Clovis that the Code R subject has been captured by the terrorists. He is then placed in charge of eliminating the Japanese Resistance in the Shinjuku Ghetto and reclaim the subject. However, after Lelouch recieves his Geass and commands Ohgi's group, Bartley is shocked to see that many of their forces are being lost. He then orders his men to change channels thinking the Japanese Resistance are intercepting their orders.

After the assassination of Prince Clovis, Bartley quickly heads to the Code R Research Team and orders them to relocate to the Narita Moutains. During his way to relocate, his is caught by Jeremiah Gottwald and was stripped of his rank. Afterwards, Bartley is sent back to Britannia as a prisoner. He subsequently returns to the military under the command of Second Prince Schneizel who Bartley thanked when he was saved by him. He is later seen at Kamine Island along with Prince Schneizel and Lloyd who is an Earl in Britannia. He reports to Schneizel, that he discovered a Thought Elevator that Emperor Charles was so fascinated with. 

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