General Bartley Asprius is a recurring antagonist in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. He's a balding military leader who's a general in the Britannian Military and is the leader of the Code R Research Team under Prince Clovis.


He first appears to inform Clovis during a party that the experimental test subject, C.C., had been kidnapped by members of the Japanese Resistance who confused her for a chemical weapon. In response, Knightmare Frames are deployed and Bartley leads a large Britannian military force to the Shinjiku Ghetto where he orders its destruction by the orders of Prince Clovis la Britannia, Third Prince of the empire and Viceroy of Area 11, and sends in the royal guard to recover C.C. before the rebels could find out. He leads the Britannian forces in battle and is taken by surprise when they get their hands on Sutherlands stolen by Lelouch vi Britannia and start beating back the Britannians forcing Clovis to call in the Lancelot.

The Lancelot wipes out the rebel troops and forces them to retreat into hiding and are about to be executed by a Britannian squad had Clovis not given the stand down order due to him being held at gunpoint by Lelouch. During that time, Bartley and the other staff officers were ordered to leave via geass by Lelouch and Bartley assumes command of the Code R Research Team after Clovis is killed and sends them to a new facility based in the Narita Mountains. He later appears in a convoy where he's sitting alongside the casket holding Clovis' body when the convoy is attacked by the Purist Faction lead by Jeremiah Gottwald and he's arrested on charges of treason and abandonment of his post. He's later stripped of his rank and is sent back to the homeland as a prisoner but, he's saved by Schneizel el Britannia and regains his rank after Schneizel pardons him.

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