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Soldier: I surrender, Sensei!
Geddes: What did you just say? Did I just hear you say that you surrender? DID I?! You know what our motto is, recruit! Trained to kill, ready to die! Do you understand the meaning of those words?
Soldier: It's hurting me sir!
Geddes: Oh, it's hurting you, is it? Hurting you, do you know this is the problem? Y'know, there's a rumor going around saying that I'm racist. I'm not racist. See, I don't hate you because you're colored. I HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE A COWARDLY COLORED!
~ Geddes showing racism in a hypocritical manner to an African American soldier.
Outstanding work! Very nice! You see this, men?! Now this is karate! Your Chinese kung-fu's only good for folding laundry. It stays where it belongs and that is the hell OFF MY BASE! Now, because of the Staff Sergeant's stupidity, all of you Chinese will run an extra thirty laps today, and the Staff Sergeant himself will run an extra thirty after that. Are we clear? Good. Carry on.
~ Geddes punishing every Chinese recruit and Hartman after Hartman lost to Colin
No rules....You fight 'til you drop!
~ Geddes accepting Wan & Ip Man's challenges

Gunnery Sergeant Barton Geddes is the main antagonist of Ip Man 4: The Finale and the final antagonist of the Ip Man film series. He is a jingoistic Gunnery Sergeant of the US Marines Corps, serving as the commanding officer of a military base in San Francisco.

He was portrayed by Scott Adkins.


When Hartman Wu, Staff Sergeant in the Marines and student of Bruce Lee, attempts to convince Geddes to incorporate Chinese martial arts into their hand-to-hand combat training, he proves that their current Karate training is superior by asking him to fight the Marines' Karate sensei Colin Frater. If Hartman can beat Colin, he will include it. Colin, however; easily defeats Hartman and Geddes says that because of Hartman's "stupidity", all Chinese recruits must run an extra thirty laps & Hartman himself will run an extra thirty after the previous thirty. Hartman later manages to convince the Commanding Officer about introducing Kung Fu and is permitted to film the Mid Autumn Festival happening near the Chinese Benevolent Association for research, which greatly infuriates Geddes.

Geddes tells Frater what happened and commands him to challenge the grandmasters at the Mid Autumn Festival. Colin does so, defeating 3 grandmasters there. Suddenly, Ip Man interferes and easily beats him up. Meanwhile, Tai Chi Master Wan Zhonghua, who was supposed to be present at the festival, is arrested by the immigration officers lead by Officer Walters. Upon seeing his ally in the hospital, Geddes barges into the CBA to find out where Wan is kept and defeats everyone there. He then threatens Andrew to release Wan into the Marines' custody before bringing Wan into the camp to fight him. Due to a tip-off by another student of Bruce Lee, the Association is left empty by the time the immigration officers raid the place. Bruce provides refuge for the Association, earning their respect.

Master Wan was able to match the gunny's blows at first, but was left seriously injured because of the gunny mercilessly beating him. Ip Man is then brought into the Marines' camp by Hartman, where he prepares to battle Geddes. Geddes says that the fight wouldn't contain any rules and that they brawl until one of them cannot battle anymore. So, Ip and him fight. The fight goes rather well until Geddes chokeholds Ip and Ip is about to have his arm broken. Ip then perseveres & manages to finally beat Geddes by kicking his groin twice, breaking one of Geddes' arms & he even striking his neck. Afterwards, Geddes stumbles back, grabs his own neck with his remaining hand and collapses on the floor all the while he coughs and groans because of his injuries. Afterward, Hartman instructs that Geddes is to be taken to sick bay and the other instructor has these two cadets named Harris and Johnson get him there; while the audience applauds Ip for defeating Geddes.

After Ip Man's death and legacy, Chinese martial artists are subsequently invited to come into the Marine Corps and teach in their hand-to-hand combat training program, starting in 2001. And as a result, Geddes' plan has obviously backfired. It's unknown what happened to him afterwards, but we can assume that he was dishonorably discharged for his racist actions.


Racist asshole! Look around you: we are the culture. Your supremacy is pure hatred and bigotry. This... this is Master Ip Man. He defeated Colin last night, and he's here to kick... your... ass!
~ Hartman to Geddes.

Geddes is extremely patriotic, but this is overshadowed by his bigotry and racist attitude toward anyone who isn't white. He encourages white supremacy and is generally disrespectful and racist toward Chinese-Americans, cruelly taunting and humiliating them at every chance he gets, even towards children.

When it comes to martial arts, Geddes is often intensely proud, overconfident, cocky, and aggressive in his proficiency in karate, but this often turns into into self-righteous arrogance and downright ignorance. A man who doesn't want to corrected upfront, he is completely convinced that karate is the only supreme form of martial arts that he will go through any and all lengths to prove that his views are the correct ones and that any other alternatives are the wrong ones.

However, his egotistical attitude was his huge downfall, since he thought that he was the best and never admitted his mistakes, eventually being defeated in his duel against Ip Man, which led to everyone (including his own recruits) to lose whatever amount of respect that they had for him since the beginning.

Powers and Abilities

Combat Skills: Geddes is very strong and proficient in karate. His combat skills are so advanced and powerful that he is able to easily defeat all the masters in the CBA (excluding Master Wan) with a single blow, whether it be a punch, elbow strike, or a kick.

Pain Tolerance: Similar to Taylor Milos, Geddes is able to withstand many attacks without being injured once. This is shown when Wan couldn't manage to injure him the slightest and is the reason why Ip strikes him in the eyes in the groin after withstanding many punches, strikes, and kicks.


ZERO! Alright Staff Sergeant Hartman, I'm gonna allow you to prove those words! If you can defeat Colin in a fair fight, then I'll consider....maybe... allowing your "wooden girlfriend" to stay on the base, is that understood?!
~ Geddes challenging Hartman to fight Colin.
Let me ask you something. Did you fall out of your crib this morning and bang your dirty head? Where the hell do you think you are? Does this look like a museum for preserving your ancient Chinese heritage?!
~ Gunnery Sergeant Barton Geddes berating Staff Sergeant Hartman for trying to include kung-fu into their combat training.
So this kung-fu bullshit is gonna allow us to kill our enemies. Is that what you're trying to say? Outstanding, Staff Sergeant! You're a goddamn genius! Get this thing off my base now.
~ Geddes brusquely dismissing Hartman's ideas of incorporating Chinese martial arts into his training.
If you're lucky enough to come to America, set foot on our soil, then you ought to learn everything about my culture. Consider yourselves incredibly honored to be here. Incredibly honored! 'Cause America is the greatest and most powerful country on earth. Land of supremacy, and that is an undisputable fact. Is that understood?
~ Barton Geddes encouraging patrionism to his recruits
You know what I just realized? You and your daughter look a hell of a a lot alike... when you beg!
~ Geddes to Wan before defeating him.
Is that it? Huh?! Is that all you've got? YOU SEE THIS?! You're nothing but another little yellow c***k! COME ON! LET'S GO! THAT'S IT!
~ Geddes' eventual last words before being defeated by Ip Man.


  • He is considered the American counterpart to General Miura (the main antagonist of first Ip Man), due to the fact that he wants to prove that Japanese Karate is superior to Wushu and other Chinese Martial Arts (same goal as Miura in the first film). He is also proved to be much more powerful and aggresive than Miura.
    • The main difference between Miura and Geddes is that Miura, despite being General of the Imperial Japanese Army and committing war crimes that are unthinkable, still has an honor and respect for Ip Man. Barton Geddes, in addition to being a corrupt Gunnery Sergeant, proved to be more cruel than Miura (reaching the point of almost killing one of Ip Man's friends, the Tai Chi master Wan Zong-hua).
  • Although Barton Geddes is an American, the actor who plays him, Scott Adkins, is British.
  • He is Ip Man's final foe.
  • What's ironic about Geddes is that before his fights with Ip Man & Master Wan is that he says "No rules. You fight 'til you drop." "You fight 'til you drop" is pretty much a rule.
  • He has similarities with Twister, the main antagonist of Ip Man 2, due to them being openly racist towards the Chinese, and wanting to prove that their fighting skills are better than Chinese martial arts (western style boxing for Twister and once again for Geddes, karate). They put up a fight against a rival-turned-friend of Ip Man whom they successfully defeat and while they also put up a fight against Ip Man himself they are eventually defeated by him.
    • Coincidentally, their actors are British (although the actor who played Taylor "Twister" Milos is dead and the actor who plays Geddes is still alive).


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